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Great Deal Today – 20% Off Marriott Gift Cards & Why You Should Buy

20% off Marriott
Written by Charlie

Take advantage of this great deal and get 20% off Marriott gift cards! Here are a few reasons you should definitely consider buying these gift cards today!


Today’s Daily Getaway items are no-brainers for anyone that has Marriott stays coming up. There are 3 separate offers available and they will be popular so be ready to pounce at 1PM ET!

20% Off Marriott Gift Cards

20% Off Marriott

Link: Daily Getaways 20% Off Marriott Gift Cards

Deal Details:

Why You Should Buy

  • No expiration date
  • Use at over 4,000 Marriotts / Ritz Carltons
  • No devaluation!

As far as hotel gift cards go, Marriott gift cards are quite generous. There is no expiration date and they can be used at over 4,000 Marriott & Ritz-Carlton properties but they cannot be used at any Starwood properties (my guess is that would change if you end up sitting on these cards for like 2 years or something!).

If you have any Marriott stays or you are just always on the lookout to save more on hotels, this should be a deal you jump on. I know most of us do not actually like paying for hotels but the truth is you are getting 20% off your hotel stays with this offer and hotel gift cards do not devalue! No matter what happens with the merger and category rankings, your gift cards will still get you a stay with a fixed value when you use them. Not a bad deal, especially for 20% off!

Finally, you get to use these at over 4,000 properties! That is a huge number of properties and chances are that Marriott will have you covered no matter where you are traveling!

Are you buying these 20% off Marriott Gift cards today? Where do you plan to use them?

Featured image is the JW Marriott Essex House in NYC | Photo from Marriott.com

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Charlie has been an avid traveler and runner for many years. He has run in marathons around the world for less than it would cost to travel to the next town - all as a result of collecting and using miles and points. Over the years, he has flown hundreds of thousands of miles and collected millions of miles and points.
Now he uses this experience and knowledge to help others through Running with Miles.


  • what card should we use for this purchase? Never bought a daily getaway before. Does it come through as Marriott purchase you think?

    • Sorry for not getting back yesterday – I was away from my computer all day. No, it is processed by them directly and not Marriott.

  • When you say: “hotel gift cards do not devalue! ” I’m assuming you’re comparing them to Marriott pts which do devalue?

    Let’s do a comparison. Let’s say you can get a cat 1 hotel for 7,500 pts or $100 in price. Let’s say over time, that same hotel increases to 10,000 pts or $120 in price.

    So I’d say gift cards do devalue due to inflation. They devalue just like pts devalue.

    • Agree with @Dan as well but also, hotel prices do fluctuate over time, yes. But those fluctuations can go both ways also.

  • @michael – they devalue just like currency yes. But the inflation rate over the past decade has been what, a couple percent annually? If points only devalued at a consistent 2 percent a year we would be thrilled.

  • How quickly do these ship/become available? I have a Marriott stay next weekend.

  • Are you able to use them to buy Marriott points? I’m a few tens of thousands short of the 270k for the travel package

  • Hi,
    What site will these e-certificates be available? I didn’t see the promotion on the Marriott website.

  • Do Marriott gift cards work like hotels.com gift cards in that you can use them when you book or do they work more like other hotels gift card (hyat, hilton) in that you can only use them at the hotel and only certain hotels?