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Great Deal: Southwest Gift Cards up to 17% Off

Written by Charlie

Take advantage of these stacking opportunities to save up to 17% off on Southwest gift cards!

Here is a great eBay Daily Deals available today where you can get Southwest gift cards for up to 17% off via cashback, discounts, Ultimate Reward points, and eBay Bucks.

Southwest Gift Cards up to 17% Off

Southwest Gift Cards

Here is the multi-step process to get some great savings on your Southwest travel. What you will need is your Chase Ink card to get the 5X Ultimate Reward points, a cashback portal, and your eBay Bucks account.

1. Shopping Portal

Start from your favorite shopping portal. As an example, you can use TopCashBack at 1.1% cashback. Go here and click to go through eBay to shop.

2. Southwest Gift Card $100 – $90

Once you are on eBay, go to the eBay Daily Deals to purchase the Southwest $100 gift card. It is on sale today for only $90, so that is an easy $10 off for everyone!

3. Checkout

Add your Southwest gift card(s) to your cart and prepare to pay with your Chase Ink card. If you shop on eBay, you have your eBay Bucks and will earn 2% on your purchases that will be available to spend on eBay starting early July.

When you pay with your Chase Ink card, you will earn (as has been the case for a long time) 5X Ultimate Reward points when you purchase items from PayPal Digital Gifts. They are the seller of these gift cards.


That’s it! Here is the earning breakdown:

  • $100 gift card – $10 off
  • TCB – $.99
  • Chase Ink – 450 UR points (worth $4.50 in straight cash, more if you transfer to a travel partner)
  • eBay Bucks – $1.8
  • Total savings – $17.29 (or paying $82.71 for a $100 gift card)

Your savings can be more if you transfer those Ultimate Reward points to a travel partner like Southwest where you earn be able to redeem for about 1.5 cents per point.

Note: Be aware that there are sometimes issues with PayPal Digital Gifts and gift cards. Many people, myself included, get PayPal errors when trying to checkout sometimes. It is an annoyance and you can call PayPal but it could be a headache.

Also, eBay has had some flash deals where they offer Bonus Bucks. It may be worth waiting for that if you are on the fence about these gift cards. If the offer goes up to 8%, that would be a great, additional savings!

Disclosure: If you click the eBay link above, I will earn a small commission and you will not get cashback from your portal. If you click on the link for the portal, I will receive a $10 commission if you sign-up.

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  • The ebay bucks will be earned on the cost of the gift card ($90) but not on the face value. It should be $1.62 rather than $1.80

    • The eBay bucks is currently at 2% which would be on the $90 and would be $1.80. Maybe it is too late for me or something, but isn’t that correct?