Great Deal On Amazon Smartphone + A Good Way To Get Amazon Prime For Cheap

Fire Phone
Written by Charlie

The Fire Phone was Amazon’s first attempt at getting into the mobile phone business and a lot of the negative comments they had received on the phone itself were most likely due to the high price they had placed on the phone when it came out. It has been about a year since it came out and it has seen enough sales at the price it should have been all along.

Great Deal On Amazon Smartphone

Fire Phone

Get a great deal on the Amazon Smartphone and a year of Amazon Prime for $159

Amazon Fire Phone Link*

But, today, it is at an even better price – the lowest yet! The price is $159, a good $30 less than the last low price. While it may be a great phone, for $159, it certainly is a good price for a brand new, unlocked smartphone (cannot be used on Sprint or Verizon) that you can take with you on an international trip.

The part that makes this an even better deal is the fact that it comes with one year of Amazon Prime, Amazon’s subscription service that regularly costs $99. For many, that price still makes the services of Prime worth it, but there are others that would not put the value at $99. With a brand new smartphone and Amazon Prime together for $159, that is a great deal.

A Good Way To Get Amazon Prime Cheap

If you just want the Amazon Prime service and you do not want the phone, you can easily sell the phone on eBay and make this a nice deal for cheap Amazon Prime. Prices on new Fire Phones on eBay have recently shown sold items in the $100 – $115 range, making a possible case for your Prime to be as low as $59 (after figuring in fees).

I have put off buying the Fire Phone previously, partly because I do not need a phone and partly because I did not want to deal with selling the phone. However, with another year of Prime coming up, I will be a buyer at this price – at the very least to sell the phone to get my Prime subscription for cheap.

With the upcoming Amazon Prime Day, here is a way to get Amazon Prime and take advantage of a great deal at the same time!

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    • No, I got a e-mail welcoming me to Amazon Prime before the phone even shipped. This also caused the phone to be delivered in 2 days instead of the 5-7 days free standard shipping.

  • Hey Charlie,

    Adam S. here from Point Me to the Plane. Thank you for posting this. I bought a Fire Phone a few weeks ago for $179 and Amazon just price matched it no questions asked.

    Few things to add:

    Amazon also sent me a random $5 dollar account credit and a $15 app credit. Not sure if this due to me buying the phone or not.

    I sideloaded Google Play and installed Google Now Launcher. The phone is now a STEAL at $60. Huge specs and no more wonky Fire OS interface.

    If you decide to buy and use I would recommend turning off the gimmicky Dynamic Perspective to save more battery.

    I am eventually going to write about it with a step by step guide (maybe a YouTube video) on how to sideload, it’s actually very easy.

    If you have any questions please e-mail me

  • thank you, charlie.
    i got a back up phone for mere $60.
    i hope you get a referral bonus on this one.

  • Ordered one. I note that it has a nano SIM. Planning to use the phone this month in England, France, Germany and Italy. Hope I don’t have any trouble finding that size abroad.

    • You shouldn’t have any problem at all. A lot of vendors are actually giving SIM cards now that act as their own adapters. So, you would buy a full-size SIM card that would allow you to get a micro SIM and a nano SIM from it as well. If you need to switch sizes, just put it back in! Very nice and easy!