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A New Amex Offer And A Great Portal Offer On A Current Amex Offer

Amex Offer
Written by Charlie

I love seeing Amex Offers expire (the ones I have no need for!) because it typically means that we will start seeing new offers coming down the pike.

With one round of offers expiring, we haven’t seen a rush of new offers but there have been a few. The one I noticed today is a repeat vendor with a smaller spending requirement to get the smaller cashback option. That is very good for those who may not want to put a lot of money out on a camera at this time.

Amex Offer: Showcase Photo and Video

Amex Offer

The vendor is Showcase Photo and Video. They are located in Atlanta but you can also make use of this offer online at making this a very good offer for all photographers. The last offer had been for $500 spend to get $100 back. This time, the spend is $250 to get $50 back – exactly half of what it was before. That should be no problem for customers who have multiple Amex cards (and this did appear on all of my Amex cards)!

Amex Offer

Showcase Photo and Video

  • Spend $250, get $50 back
  • Must use by 9/6/2015
  • Available online or in-store

Some of the possibilities could be photo/video accessories or action cameras. There have been some good deals on the GoPro line but if you missed out on those, this deal is right in the sweet spot.

To maximize itadd the offer to separate cards, simply login to your American Express account and then choose to duplicate the tab (if using Google Chrome) as many times as you have cards. Once they are all open, select a different Amex card in each tab and select to save the offer to the card.

Current Amex Offer With Big Portal Bonus

Amex Offer

Get these Oakley sunglasses cheap!

The current offer that you can take advantage of today is the Amex Offer for Backcountry that I wrote about last week. Until July 12, United’s MileagePlus shopping portal is paying out a whopping 12 miles per dollar at Backcountry. When paired with the Amex Offer of spend $100 and get $30 back, you can really rack up some deals!

Sample Deal With Portal Bonus And Cash Back

They have a lot of Oakley sunglasses on sale, if that is something of interest to you. In some cases, the price is right at the $100 price. That means you will pay a final price of $70 (after receiving the $30 cash back from Amex) and you will receive 1,200 United miles. With a value of about 1.7 cents per mile (which I get more than even when using for economy on flights I was going to book anyway), that is worth about another $20. That is a nice deal on a pair of glasses that was once $180!

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