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Great Deal on 4-Pack of Apple AirTags, Great Travel Accessories!

Written by Charlie

Stack these great deals to get a deal on the Apple AirTags. These are awesome for travel as well as everyday use and now you can get the best deal.

One of my new favorite travel accessories are the Apple AirTags. You can read all about them in this post but they are awesome for tracking your bags mid-trip and identifying when they go missing, especially when the airline says they don’t know where they are! Well, here is a nice stacking deal to get them for less!

Great Deal on Apple AirTags

It is rare to get a better deal from Apple than their retailers but this is a great stacking chance to do just that. Here is what you should do.

Buy a $100 Apple Gift Card, Get $15 Gift Card Free

Start by buying a $100 Apple gift card from Best Buy or Target. It should come with a $15 gift card for Best Buy or Target. Put that away for later.

Buy Apple AirTags, Get $25 Gift Card Free

Next, take your new Apple e-gift card and buy the Apple AirTags right from Apple. They are retail cost, $99 for a 4-pack, but Apple will give you a $25 Apple gift card when you buy them!

This sale runs through this weekend so do not take long to think about it. Not only are they great for tracking stuff but they make great gifts as well.

One caveat – a recent Apple update changed the notification time down to 3 hours. This means that if someone with an iPhone is in close proximity to your Apple AirTag for more than 3 hours (and you are not there), it will notify them that there is an unknown Apple AirTag near them. This is really bad if your bag was stolen as the thief can locate and dump the AirTag. But, for all other uses, it is great.

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  • Thanks for letting us know about this! If I’m not mistaken, you might be able to stack on one more deal. If you purchase the Apple gift card with a Target RedCard (debit card), you should get 5% off, so you’d only pay $95 for the $100 Apple card and $15 Target card.