Great Deal : Google Nexus 6 $199 (Perfect For Google Fi)

Google Nexus 6
Written by Charlie

This is the best deal ever on the Google phone that will allow you to take advantage of cheap international data via Google Fi. Check it out now – in both 32GB and 64GB.

This is definitely the lowest price that the Google Nexus 6 has ever been at! For today only (and while supplies last), you can get the Google Nexus 6 for only $199 – in either blue or white! If you want to bump up to the 64GB version, you can do that for only $259. Move fast!

Great Deal: Google Nexus 6 $199

Google Nexus 6

Review: google project fi & cheap international data

For a limited time, that price will cover the 32GB model in either blue or white. The 64GB version is $259. This is a fantastic deal, even with the newer phones that launched last month. Not only is it a really nice phone, but having access to the Google Project Fi for use at home and abroad is a big selling point. I have an iPhone that I normally use, but was able to connect it to my Google Nexus 6 as a hotspot while traveling the world to still get my iMessages and regular iPhone connectivity.

Is this phone worth it? It is absolutely worth it for $199! It is an even better deal if you are going the Google Project Fi cell plan route. Otherwise, I may consider the Samsung S6 or S6 Edge for a little bit more. But, that will depend on what you like! In the meantime, I think this is a great deal.

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