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Great Deal: Garmin Fenix 2 $100+ Off

Garmin Fenix 2
Written by Charlie

Another great deal! This one actually dropped in price yesterday but had yet to make it across the retail line. This time it is for one of the high-end multi-sport GPS watches on the market – the Garmin Fenix 2. It does it all – running, swimming, and biking. In addition, it also does some other things that may make it perfect for your needs. Plus, it is now $100 off from regular price!

Great Deal: Garmin Fenix 2

I wrote a post last month whining (just a little) about missing the mapping function of the Garmin Forerunner 620, Garmin’s top running watch. I knew it didn’t have it when I bought it but also had hoped that the it would have been added in an update and just realized more and more how much I missed it from the 910XT.

The Garmin Fenix 2

Garmin Fenix 2

The Garmin Fenix 2

One of the commenters had mentioned that I should have gotten the Fenix 2, since it adds the location features and even allows you to load maps. There were a couple of reasons I had gone for the 620 instead, the biggest being that the Fenix 2 had not even been released when I bought my 620. 🙂 Others were that I had seen the feature set on the original Fenix and had not cared much for it.

However, now the Garmin Fenix 2 is on the market (earlier this year) and it has a very impressive feature set that matches the Garmin 620. Of course, the materials used are different (the 620 is lighter and has a touchscreen), but the feature set is very similar, plus the Fenix 2 has swimming and biking features. The 620 received biking in the latest update, but it is still more of a runner’s watch.

I had been wanting to try one out for a while and will actually have my hands on one soon, thanks to Sears and their awesome Shop Your Way Rewards (I paid next to nothing for it thanks to my rolling points). So, look next month for a more detailed comparison of real life experiences with the two watches.


Like I said, it is a multi-sport watch so has great features to track your running, biking, swimming, and hiking. Not only that, but it has insane battery life – up to 55 hours when in long record mode (which receives a GPS signal every 60 seconds). That type of tracking is not efficient for running, but can be useful when hiking or using it to record your positioning as you make your way around a new city.

It also shares the communication features with your smartphone, so it can handle LiveTracking (which is a cool way to allow others to track your workout in realtime). I have not used it yet for a race, but am looking forward to doing that – in fact, I will even setup to allow any readers to watch, in case you all have nothing better to do at the time. 🙂

Another part of the communication area is that it will receive text messages/notifications from your phone. This is huge for me as my phone is stashed out of the way and I do not know if I have received a message while running. Some of my runs are several hours long and it can be very helpful to know if I get messages along the way. It is not uncommon to get text messages every few hours that require immediate attention, so this is huge.

To read a great, detailed review of the watch, check out DC Rainmaker’s review.

The Deal – as low as $269

Ok, now that we know a little more about it, what about this deal? Garmin has rolled out a $100 discount on the watch by itself and the bundle that includes the heart rate monitor. If you want to track additional metrics, like running dynamics, you need to get that heart rate monitor as it is setup to track those. If you only want to keep track of your HR, any Garmin monitor will do.

The regular price is $399 for the Garmin Fenix 2 and $449 for the Garmin bundle. That discount (valid until September 1) brings those prices down to $299 and $349, respectively. Here is a list of vendors of note:

  • Road Runner Sports – If you go through the UR shopping portal, you can earn 6 points per dollar – one thing to note, they have actually constructed the discount to only be at the $299/$349 price point for their VIP members, others get less off. It only costs $1.99 for the first year, if you decide to go that route.
  • Best Buy – If you go through the UR shopping portal, you can earn 1 point per dollar – this would actually be a great way to use your $25 back on $250 American Express Sync offer. Just make sure you use the right American Express card (that you tied the offer too).
  • REI If you go through the Marriott portal, you can earn 4 points per dollar. If you are an REI member, or are thinking of joining, just know that this will not count for your 10% rebate at the end of the year. However, they have the best return policy in the business, taking back your item up to a year after purchase.
  • Clever Training – this company is like all of the others, but if you shop through DC Rainmaker’s link, he will earn a little commission on it. If you choose to buy from Clever Training, definitely go this route as DC Rainmaker is the one that gives us these incredible reviews on these watches.
  • Campmor – thanks to a discount code, this actually gives the best price – 10% off! So, it brings the price as low as $269. Go to the website and use code RMN10 at checkout to receive the 10% off.
  • Amazon – if you use Amazon gift cards purchased from office supply stores with your Ink card, that will help you to earn an effective 5 UR points per dollar. Otherwise, you can just order from them, but will not receive any extra points. If you do decide to order through them, I will receive a commission on that link – thanks!


From all reports, this is an awesome watch. To be able to get it at this price is a great deal and should give you great performance for many years ahead. I am really looking forward to mine for the mapping functions, notifications (text), and long battery life. Hopefully, this deal with help some of you to get it on your wrist as well!

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