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Great Deal for Best Buy Elites: GoPro Fusion 360 Camera with Extras for $399

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Written by Charlie

If you are a Best Buy elite member, you can get the best deal ever on the popular GoPro Fusion 360 camera. This camera can add some great depth to your video and travel content!

While 360 cameras have not taken off like many manufacturers may have hoped, they still can fill a great niche of content creation – especially for travel videos! That is because your viewer can actually scroll around the scene and see everything you would have seen instead of in a single direction! If you ever wanted to try and add 360 content, check out this deal!

Deal for Best Buy Elites: GoPro Fusion 360 Camera with Extras for $399

Link: GoPro Fusion 360 for $399 (only for Best Buy Elite members) – with dual battery charger and extra battery

Elite Note: Best Buy has a rewards program that grants elite levels based on spending. If you are a Best Buy member and you spend $1,500 in a calendar year, you receive Elite status which gives you things like increased point earning (1 point per $1), 30 days for returns, and access to special sales like this. If you spend $3,500+ in a year, you get 1.25 points per $1, 45 days for returns (I love this!) and access to special sales as well. If you do not fit one of those categories and you still want this deal, ask a friend that shops at Best Buy a lot to see if they have status. 

The GoPro Fusion 360

If you are one of those people that would really like to get into 360 video, one of the really good consumer versions out is the GoPro Fusion 360. At an original price of $700, you can get it on sale from your favorite retailers for just $450. Yes, there are other 360 cameras out there now but the Fusion has some cool features (it’s GoPro so of course they do!) that let you build a movie from a 360 camera using the different views it gets.

There is one major thing to be aware of with this camera – the glass for the lenses is not replaceable. This means that if you drop it or scratch them, that is just going to be something you have to deal with. Personally, I am surprised they did not make it something like Garmin did with the VIRB 360 where it could be replaced since GoPro is known for the whole adventure element with cameras. So, keep that in mind.

This was not filmed with the GoPro but gives you a nice idea of what the 360 videos can do. If you are watching this on your computer, use your mouse and click and drag to look at various parts of the film. 

While 360 cameras really aren’t mainstream, they could add a great feature for your travel videos. You don’t even have to think about where you point when you are exploring some cool city or area – just turn it on and walk with it! You can grab the angles you want later!

Hey, look at it this way, if you are one of those people that takes hours of video to show your family of your trip, adding a 360 element to it may make it a bit more interesting for them. 😉

Note: some 360 cameras may be much cheaper but make sure you check the reviews because the “stitching” that creates the 360 field of view from the 2 cameras can be quite visible in some cheaper cameras.

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