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Triple Stack Offer at Bloomingdales: 20% Cashback, Friends and Family Sale, and Bonus Membership Reward Point

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Written by Charlie

If you are a Bloomingdales fan, today is a great time to rack up some huge savings with a triple stack that includes 20% cash back, a 25% friends and family sale, and even bonus Membership Reward points on your spending!

Yeah, I don’t know if I have ever written about anything with Bloomingdales outside of maybe an Amex Offer! But, when I saw today that this cash back deal is the highest ever (at least for the last 15 months) and ends today, I thought I would share it for any of you that do happen to shop at Bloomingdales.

Triple Stack Offer at Bloomingdales

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Step 1: Amex Offer

triple stacking

This is not your traditional Amex Offer. Instead, it is an offer on Membership Reward earning cards to earn an extra MR point for every dollar spent at Bloomingdales. Unlike bonus categories, this is not an automatic so make sure you save that to your particular card before you start shopping.

Step 2: TopCashBack

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TopCashBack is offering 20% cash back for Bloomingdales and that ends today. It is super simple – just click this link and sign-in to TopCashBack to start your shopping at Bloomingdales. All your purchases will get tracked and you will get your cash back after it gets verified. Simple as that! Well, except for gift cards, furniture, and mattresses – these don’t earn cash back.

Just don’t use any coupon codes/promo codes that are not on the TopCashBack page or you may invalidate your cash back!

Step 3: Friends and Family Sale

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This one won’t invalidate your cash back as this is offered directly from TopCashBack! It promises 25% off a whole lot of items and the discount will be shown in your cart. To check this out, simply scroll down the page at TopCashBack to see all the different offers from it and you are good to go!


That’s it! Short and sweet and a whole lot of money back in your pocket if you complete your shopping today! Of course, you will have even more money in your pocket if you don’t shop but if you were planning on it anyway, this is a nice way to save some of it. 🙂

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