Great Deal: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for $69 [For Prime Members]

Written by Charlie

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can take advantage of this deal on the Kindle Paperwhite at just $69. This is a great deal on a quality e-reader that you can take with you to read anywhere at anytime – day or night! There are some deals on other Kindle refurb e-readers as well so check them out!

I had been an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite owner for years and absolutely loved it! It is so lightweight but also gives incredible battery life and backlight to let you read it wherever and whenever you want!

Great Deal: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for $69

Link: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite [refurbished]


Let me answer this one first – I have owned a few different Amazon refurb devices and they work just as well as the “new” ones. If there are any problems, Amazon is quick to repair or replace so I have zero hesitation to recommend a refurbished Amazon Kindle Paperwhite!

A Great Deal!

We saw a very targeted deal for the Paperwhite a couple of months ago for $69 but now this refurb deal is open to all Prime members. I am not sure what deals may come out for Prime Day, but I think this is a solid deal. Worst case, a better deal pops up, you can always return this one for free or chat with Amazon customer service to match the price.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, this is a nice deal! It is $10 cheaper than the regular price for the basic, non lit one (which does go on sale for $59).

Other Kindle Deals

There are some deals on refurbished models for other Kindles as well. My current e-reader is the Kindle Voyage (love the adaptive lighting and the solid build quality!) and that is available as a refurb for $149 while you could go all the way to the top for the Kindle Oasis refurb for $209 – this is the current version which has a 1″ larger display and is waterproof!

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