The New Grand Hyatt Athens is Now Taking Reservations – And the Prices Are Good!

Written by Charlie

The brand new Grand Hyatt Athens is now taking reservations for an opening coming up very soon! Check out how reasonable the rates are for this new hotel and the details about the hotel, the rooms, and the lounge. This looks like a great option for people visiting Athens!

Last month, I wrote a post about the brand new Grand Hyatt Athens that was set to open. At the time, there were still some unknowns like when the hotel would be open for reservations, prices, and the award category.

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The New Grand Hyatt Athens Is Now Taking Reservations

new Grand Hyatt Athens

A room at the Grand Hyatt Athens

Link: Grand Hyatt Athens

As of this morning, we now know a few more things though Hyatt has not yet released what award category the hotel will be. Here are the details for the new Grand Hyatt Athens.

What To Know

The Grand Hyatt Athens is taking reservations right now and is due to open August 18, 2018. Prices start from just €103 per night. Here is the breakdown of room types and suites:

  • Rooms with Single Beds, Queen Beds, and King Bed
  • Deluxe Room
  • Garden Room
  • Acropolis View Rooms
  • Junior Suite with 40-45 sq m (about 450 sq ft) – this suite will likely be the one that Globalists are upgraded to and that the upgrade certificate books into
  • Grand Suite
  • Grand Suite with Acropolis View
  • Grand Executive Suite

Each room has a 55″ flat screen TV and the price for the rooms varies based on views and space. There are rooms with inner courtyard views (including that Junior Suite above).

new Grand Hyatt Athens

The prices for the new Grand Hyatt Athens

There will be a Club Lounge at the Grand Hyatt Athens which means that Explorist members can apply a Club Lounge certificate to have the free breakfast and snacks throughout the day.

The Junior Suite is the base “room” that comes with Club Lounge for those without elite status. It starts at €300 per night. For the cheapest room with an Acropolis view, you will pay from €177 per night for that view (or about €70 more per night than a regular room).

Good Chain Option?

I am pleasantly surprised that the hotel has starting prices in peak travel season at just over €100 per night! This will likely be classified as a Category 4 (or maybe higher?) hotel so the cash price is definitely a great deal. In fact, that is about €50 less per night than the other Hyatt in Greece, the Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki.

If you have travel plans for Athens this summer or fall, definitely give the Grand Hyatt Athens a look! I will be staying there right after the opening and will have a review up immediately after that to help you know what to expect.

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  • My wife and I are staying in Athens around the beginning of November, and the lowest prices at the Hyatt are about 200 Euros, obviously a bit pricier than you saw.
    Do you have any thoughts about the location? We stayed at the Hilton previously and liked it greatly. A bit of a walk from downtown, but a nice neighborhood, and restaurant Pulitzer next door was wonderful.
    I noticed that there were no rooms available on points. Any thoughts or insights?

    • That’s great! I did see prices today start to go higher, especially for winter months (kind of a surprise?). My guess is they are willing to roll it out with lower prices to get as many tourists in as possible before the season is over. So, the prices we are seeing for the winter months are probably good indicators that the cost per night next year may be closer to 280 euros per night.
      From what I understand about this location, it is not the best for a tourist hotel. The Hilton location, I believe, is much better. I have a stay there right after they open and hope to get down for the pre-opening so I will definitely detail about what is nearby in August.
      My guess is that they are witholding points right now to see how the early days of reservations go. From what I have heard from within Hyatt, there is not a category for the hotel yet. I think they want to get a bunch of paid rates first. I am hopeful we will see the points made available just before the opening. When the Park Hyatt Mallorca opened, they did not offer points+cash reservation options for quite a while (even though the resort was practically empty at the beginning). So, I am hoping this is good news – they know Hyatt customers would use points if they could which likely means it will be a Category 3 or 4. It would be insane to make it a 6, I think even a 5 is too high.

  • I just booked a stay here and used a Tier Suite Upgrade. In case anyone is wondering, the TSU books into the Grand Suite King.