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Google’s Real-Time Language Translation Is Getting a Whole Lot Smarter – Great for Travelers!

Written by Charlie

Thanks to Google Assistant, real-time langauge translation and conversation is about to get a whole lot smarter! This is going to be huge for all travelers in all the interactions we face while in other countries.

This week is the big week in tech known as CES – Consumer Electronics Show. It is always interesting to see which area of tech dominates each year and Google has made a strong play to show how their great Google Assistant AI tech is here to do just that.

Google Assistant Is Getting Real-Time Langauge Translation – Great for Travelers

I have written before about the real-time language translation technology with Google Translate and now Google is bringing this to their artificial intelligence platform known as “Google Assistant.” This language translation ability is known as “Interpreter Mode.”

For now, it is coming to things like the Google Home Hub and speakers but it will eventually make it to their smartphones as well. With a simple command of “Hey, Google, become my [langauge] translator,” Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode will take over and you will be able to carry on a real-time conversation with someone in the foreign language you just chose.

Available in 27 languages at this time, one of the potential uses for this new Google mode could be at hotels, according to this article by Tech Radar. This would help both traveler and hotel agent to get everything properly sorted on check-in and when asking for help with the area or parts of the hotel. This could be huge! I have been to many hotels where it was so difficult to watch people struggle to communicate with each other.

I cannot wait for this technology to continue through Google’s software and devices! Google’s Translator is already pretty good but putting the power of their AI technology with it could really take it up quite a bit!

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