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Coming Soon! Check in For Your Flight or Book a Hotel with Google Assistant

Written by Charlie

“Hey, Google, check me in for my flight” or “Book me a hotel room” are commands that youn will soon be able to use with Google Assistant to make your travel even easier!

Google Assistant is getting smarter and smarter and branching out into some very useful areas of life! They are already moving into the language translation field as well as Google Duplex’s ability to handle phone calls on our behalf. Soon, they will be helping travelers with checking in for our flights or booking hotels!

Google Assistant Will Soon Help You Check-in For Your Flight or Book a Hotel

Google announced yesterday these latest advancements to their AI, Google Assistant. Starting soon and with United Airlines for their domestic flights, you will actually be able to simply say, “Hey, Google, check in for my flight.” It will have the confirmation information from your e-mail and the Assistant will actually notify you when it is time to check-in.

Once it checks you in, you will have access to your boarding pass on your device – and this works with Google Assistant on both Android and iOS! This will eventually expand to other carriers as well. Sure, we can let the app (Delta) just auto-check us in when we open it or we can simply open the airline app and select “Check-in” but being able to just do it all through speaking to the Google Assistant will be very nice!

“Hey, Google, Book Me a Hotel.”

Google Assistant will also be working with a variety of hotel booking platforms, like Choice Hotels, AccorHotels, InterContinental Hotels Group, Priceline, Expedia, Mirai and Travelclick, to allow you to book a room through the Google Assistant. This will be another nice way to do things on the fly, but I would likely only use this if I know my favorite brands do not have hotels in the city I am searching for (since it will not support those brands at launch).

While both of these additions are limited at roll out, I am excited where this is going and cannot wait to have this be mainstream! I also love that Google mentioned it will work with iOS as well. 🙂

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  • Too bad they can’t get this to work with Southwest. “Hey Google…check me in for my Southwest flight before everyone else 24 hours prior to boarding” 🙂
    Better yet. Maybe they will enable this for LCC’s like Spirit, etc. and they will charge you a fee to have Google check you in.