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Good News! Big JetBlue Schedule Extension Coming Tomorrow

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Written by Charlie

The next big JetBlue schedule extension is coming tomorrow and it is going to cover some of the biggest travel days of the year so get ready!

Ok, so if it is coming tomorrow, why am I writing about it today? The truth is that one of the most searched for terms that brings people to this site is about the next JetBlue schedule extension. 🙂 In fact, I get a few comments/e-mails/messages each week asking when that will happen (and I know no more than the next person!).

Good News! Big JetBlue Schedule Extension Coming Tomorrow

Well, JetBlue did say that tomorrow the schedule extension will become available for the public to book and it is a big schedule extension. While it isn’t like a year or anything like that, it is going to allow you to book for the major travel holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

With a schedule extension like that, you are going to want to be ready to pull the trigger for your trip when the schedule opens up. That is because the JetBlue schedule extension tomorrow will move the schedule from October 26 up to January 8, 2020! 

So, get ready to book tomorrow to grab some of the best prices for the heavy holiday travel (those dates around the holidays are never included in sales so you won’t save during a sale).

You Could Book the New JetBlue Schedule Extension Now…

However, I did say it will be available for the “public” to book. That is because if you book a JetBlue Vacation package (which is flight and hotel), you can actually book past the current schedule of October 26 right now.

Unless you are someone who does normally book JetBlue vacation packages, I would just wait. You will probably find better deals on your own for hotels or you can use points for your hotels instead of booking a vacation package.

JetBlue Plus Card Can Help

But, if you do want to go that route and you have the JetBlue Plus card, don’t forget to use that! If you book a package of $100 or more with that card, you will get a statement credit for $100.

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