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Great Deal – Latest MacBook Pro Laptops for $400 Off!

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Written by Charlie

Here are some great deals on the latest MacBook Pros! With $400 off, you can actually get the 15″ MacBook Pros at the lowest price yet. But, act fast as this ends today.

If you are a Mac fan, you may want to check out this deal. At $400 off (and even more with open box), you can actually get the latest MacBook Pro 15″ for a tick under $2,000. While many people have problems with the 2018 MacBook Pro, I personally love mine and think it is a huge improvement from past models (thanks to the 6-core processors inside). This deal ends today so move on it if interested!

Great Deal on Latest MacBook Pro Laptops for $400 Off

Link: MacBook Pro Deals

If you are a Mac-hater, you are going to say that even these prices are too high (and I would agree that Apple constantly is pricing their products too high, which is why I never pay retail for anything Apple). But, if you have been looking for a deal on the latest MacBook Pro laptops, this is it. To my knowledge, this is the lowest price yet on these laptops that have been around for about 7 months now.

Best Buy has the two main specs on sale for the 15″ MacBook Pro. Here is how they stack up and their prices:

Personally, if you were going to spend over $2,000 on a laptop, I think the more expensive version is the better value. The storage speed in MacBook Pros is insanely fast and getting the bump on the video card is helpful as well. If you want to go for the less expensive version, you could always grab a SSD like the Sandisk SSD that sells for under $190 for 1TB.

Open Box!?

Of course, you could score an even better deal if you go open box. Check at the bottom of the page of those laptops to see the open box prices. They are as cheap as $1,699 if they are in a store near you but those are in “Fair” condition which could involve dents or scratches. The safe, sweet spot is open-box/excellent/certified at $1,899 gets you an extra $100 off and those are normally just like new.

If you have a problem with the open box, definitely go back to them about it. I have had some issues over the years on open box items but they always make it right. For the savings, definitely consider that.

13″ MacBook Pro Deals

The 13″ MacBook Pros are also on sale at $300 off, all the way down to their 256GB model for just $1,499. The 13″ saw a huge improvement last year as well with the bump from dual-core processors to quad-core processors. My only knock on the ones from Best Buy is that they are the 8GB RAM versions without the ability to customize it for the 16GB. If you just want a quality product for the road with good processing power, this is a great machine for that. But if you have more intense things in mind, the bottleneck would likely be the RAM (for things like heavy photo editing/video editing).

Don’t Forget Best Buy Rewards!

If you do make a purchase, make sure you are signed up and signed in for Best Buy Rewards. If you are an elite member, you can earn some serious points on this purchase and any one of these will get you well on your way to achieving the $3,500 amount of spend for the top tier this year.

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