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Good Deals On Garmin GPS Units

Here are some notable deals on Garmin GPS units. I am always on the lookout for great deals on these units and some deals are definitely better than others. However, if you are in the market for one of these watches, these are some of the best current deals on two of the best, longest-lasting watches.

Good Deals On Garmin GPS Units

Garmin 910XT

The Garmin 910XT

The Garmin 910XT

The Garmin 910XT is one of my all-time favorite watches. I wrote about the refurbished model being $299 before, but now they have dropped the price another $10 to make it $289. That is without the HR monitor, but I think that is a fantastic price! It is over $100 less than it costs new and it is refurbished by Garmin, so it is a win-win.

Garmin 910XT Outlet Link – $289

Garmin 310XT

Another great watch is the 910XT predecessor – the Garmin 310XT. This is the one watch that is on sale more than any other Garmin watch, but it is not because it is a bad quality watch. It is definitely a favorite of multi-sport athletes and should be a watch that every runner considers, in no small part due to the price. It is currently available from eBay for a Garmin refurbished model with the HR monitor – $149.


The Garmin 310XT

– Garmin 310XT eBay Link – $149

Other Watches

The Garmin outlet actually has quite a few refurbished deals on Garmin GPS watches. If you are interested in one of the smaller units, make sure you check out the outlet for the best price on Garmin refurbished models. Also, make sure you go through your favorite shopping portal to get there! It is a subdomain of the site, so you can rack up a few more points by using a portal. Visit evreward to see which portals offer the best mile offers.

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