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Giveaway: National Emerald Executive Status

National Car
Written by Charlie

I wrote this morning about how much I love National Emerald Executive status and what it can do for you. The reason I wrote about it today was to refresh readers about what holders of Executive status get so that you could be better prepared and interested in today’s giveaway. 🙂

Giveaway: National Emerald Executive Status

To one winner (randomly selected by Random.org), I will give Emerald Executive status for one year. This is the mid-tier status and allows you to rent a mid-size car and pick anything in the Executive Aisle. This can save you a lot of money – even if you only use it on one rental. During my recent visit to the US, my Executive status saved me a minimum of $2,000 (due to the vehicles I needed for my rentals). I know that will not be the case for everyone, but it is pretty great!

National Car

To read more about the Emerald program, check this post.

Here are the rules:

  • The giveaway will end at 11:59PM EST Monday (July 21)
  • You may enter once per person per method (once here and once on twitter) per day (that means the each entrant can have a maximum of 6 entries.
  • Your comment must tell what your best rental deal ever was (if you did not have, tell me about someone else’s:) )
  • You must live in the US
  • The winner will be randomly drawn, courtesy of Random.org
  • You can have one additional entry by entering on Twitter – you must be following me and tweet me your chosen destination for this trip (must include the hashtag #RwMGiveaway)
  • I will post on Tuesday who the winner was

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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  • Best deal was booking a mid-size with Avis and getting a Camaro SS because they were all out of cars. “How would you like to drive a Camaro?” were such sweet words.

  • rented midsize from national at a regional airport, oops all out of midsized cars, choice of avalon or charger! Husband always wanted a charger and he got one for the weekend!

  • Rented a car from Hertz for 4 days in Maui. While picking up the car, the woman at the desk asks me if I work for Hertz because I received an employee rate. I say no. She hands me the keys and my receipt…$52 for 4 days on a full size rental.

  • Rented a car from Budget for 3 days in Milwaukee and used Priceline- $17 a day for a Hyundai Sonata including tax.

  • I didn’t rent that much, so I don’t get that many deals on car rentals. But if you’re asking for the BEST deal I’ve ever gotten, I suppose it was getting a compact for $15/day.

  • I do not think I have rented enough to get status or pricing swagger, but I did get a good price on a mid-size from Avis in MIA for five days and for around $60, plus 3000 bonus miles.

  • The deal I ever received was from Hertz when I got upgraded from a midsize to a Volvo! Yes please!

  • I purchase a deal on Daily Getaway last month in which I spent $75 for a $150 gift certificate from Alamo…..this was my best deal.

  • National Exec is great, get 2 step upgrades routinely even on their weekend specials. Have scored Jeep Cherokee (in snowy winter) for $12.99 a day….

  • Best deal was renting a mid size car on Maui and getting a Mustang convertible for the week. They had plenty of cars, the agent said go ahead and enjoy it.

  • Renting from Avis in San Francisco and able to use a free day certificates without returning to the same location

  • I don’t rent cars as often as other travel (airfare, hotel), so I usually try to compare Priceline and/or Hotwire to the agency websites’ themselves. Vegas in November 2012 on Priceline was $11 per day ($23 with taxes and fees). Just last weekend though, I hit Miami on Advantage, last minute, for $7 per day ($11 with taxes and fees). I think that’s my best deal.

  • I don’t rent cars or have friends that rent cars since I’m from a big city, but I’m looking forward to finding good car rental deals from Costco when I head to Hawaii!

  • My best rental deal ever was after a cruise, simply because I signed up for the rental company’s loyalty program, I bypassed a line of 60 tired cruise passengers to the express check out and was given a minivan, even through I had purchased an economy. It was just what we needed with three hot, cranky and exhausted kids!

  • Last weekend, I hit Miami on Advantage, last minute, for $7 per day ($16 with taxes and fees – correction to my previous note – it was only two days, not three). I think that’s my best deal. Editorial note – how ridiculous that taxes and fees more than double the “advertised” rate? And they want to do that (again) to airfares via The [non] Transparent Airfares Act!

  • Best rental experience- getting an economy car at Avis and being upgraded to a brand new, fully loaded Mustang!

  • My best deal ever was with hertz. We rented a mustang for a weekend trip for my husband’s birthday. The car had some mechanical issues, so not only did they bring us a replacement, but the manager ended up comping the entire rental for us!

  • In May my husband and I leased a car for our travels in Europe. They didn’t have the car we wanted, so we got upgraded for free. The best part was that we could have extra drivers (our friends) and unlimited mileage while traveling. It certainly wasn’t a GREAT deal, but it was definitely much better than any deal we could find for straight up renting.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! 🙂

  • I always use Costco.com and not only look at airport rated but city rates which are always cheaper.

  • I have rented cars from national for the past 10 years and all my experiences have been positive. The best deal ever was getting 3-day weekend rentals for under $30.

  • Limited experience. Best deal was getting an SUV for compact price. Best deal will be next time I make a rental and pay with Barclay Arrival!

  • Using priceline.com bidding section i got a mid size sedan for 10 bux a day !!!