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Getting the Bonus a Second Time with American Express

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Written by Dustin

Just a week after closing my Business Platinum, American Express surprised me with a great offer on a card I’ve already had.

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I am not sure what it is, but I feel I am always commenting on American Express. It’s probably due to the fact I think they are unsure of themselves and make decisions that puzzle me. The other day was a perfect example of this, when I was able to get the bonus a second time with American Express.

Getting the Bonus a Second Time with American Express

Last week, I wrote about canceling my American Express Business Platinum. There were many reasons that went into that decision and I feel they were all justified.

The other day, I was working on a video for my YouTube Channel, when I went over to American Express to take a look at something. When I logged in I had a “Pre-Approved” offer for the 60,000 point American Express Platinum offer.

I don’t feel the 60,000 point offer is worth anyone’s time (especially at $550 per year), since we all know there is a 100,000 point offer floating around.

After scrolling into my Amex Offer section, I noticed another offer that said I was “Pre-Approved” for the Premier Reward Gold. I have already had this card and definitely was intrigued.

How could I not be when it said it came with a 50,000 point bonus?

Sure enough, I had an offer for earn 50,000 Membership Reward points after spending $2,000 in the next 90 days. My wife had a similar offer, when she received the bonus a second time for 25,000 after $1,000 spend last year.

Reading Through the Terms:

Nobody wants to open a card and realize they aren’t going to get a bonus, so I had to definitely go through the terms to make sure I would get it.

After going through it many times, I did not see any mention of the once in a lifetime language in their offer. Also, when I clicked on their link to “Learn More,” the page had all my information filled in, all I needed to answer was my income.

American Express was showcasing my bonus next to the application, which made feel even more comfortable after I realized there wasn’t any language saying I wasn’t eligible. After entering in my income, I was approved within 15 seconds.


I was able to get my temporary card number immediately, so I added it to my mobile wallet.

This actually comes at a good time, because I was waiting for a card with a nice bonus to pay my taxes. The Premier Reward Gold became the chosen one with this nice bonus offer.

The Timing of This Offer:

A few days before I cancelled my Business Platinum, I did not see any offer on my account showing me I was “Pre-Approved” for any offers from American Express. I did search for the 100,000 point Platinum offer, but I wasn’t targeted (someday).

Fast forward about a week and when I log in, I see 2  different “Pre-Approved” offers on my account? Strange timing, don’t you think?

I am going to assume I was targeted for this offer, because I just cancelled my American Express Business Platinum. Which if true, this would puzzle me on American Express strategy when it comes to retention.

Why This Puzzles Me:

Maybe it’s just me, but American Express just puzzles me at times.

Although, I was set on canceling my Business Platinum, if I had been offered 50,000 points to keep it I would have had to consider it. The 50,000 points would have been worth more than the annual fee.

I had already spent my airline credit before canceling the card, so that was an extra $200 in value for me. If American Express possible would have earned another $450 had offered me the 50,000 points and I decided to keep the card.

Instead they reward me with a different card with a 50,000 point bonus and no annual fee up front. Trust me, I am not complaining.

Add in the airline credits and I am looking at a minimum of $700 in value. I suspect I’ll actually get closer to $1,000 to $1,200 in value from this card.

You would think they would have wanted me to keep the Business Platinum, since they make more upfront on that card. But, I guess that isn’t how American Express works.

Question of “Loyalty”

Last week, I had a comment from one reader:

I don’t disagree with this comment one bit. I am sure if you spend a lot on your American Express cards, they will treat you well. Especially, if you are spending big money each month on their cards.

Points, miles, and credit cards churning is a game. It is absolutely what have you done for me today with banks vying for your business. They are all trying to one up each other to make sure they on top in your wallet.

Banks lookout for themselves, but in this game your loyalty should be to yourself. I don’t believe that any program truly cares about you, they only care about your money.

And trust me, my money is more important to me than perceived loyalty from a bank/loyalty program.

Great service can definitely be a deciding factor to keeping a card, but if your fee outweighs the benefits it is time to go.

Why earn 1x, when you can earn 2x? Why keep pay an annual fee for benefits you can have with another card/cards for a fraction of the cost?

With American Express giving me another offer for a large bonus, wouldn’t you say their thirst for my business is also rewarding my “hacking” behavior? I close an account, I receive an offer to open an account I already had for a large bonus.

The process comes full circle with American Express happy that I have an account with them and I am happy I receive a large bonus to feed my points addiction. We both win, but I believe my win his better.


I have very happy to play by the rules American Express have set. But it seems American Express would benefit by evaluating their process in these offers.

I can’t complain though, I just earned an extra 50,000 points with no upfront fee.

Was this just luck, or did American Express reward me for closing my Business Platinum?

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