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Google Fi Expands and Is Better Than Ever for the International Traveler

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Written by Charlie

If you like to keep in touch while around the world, the news that Google Fi expands their coverage to over 170 countries is great indeed! Check out the details and the coverage!

Since Google Project Fr was first introduced, I have been a big fan of the service. I have used it all over the world – both in my Google Fi-equipped phones and my iPhone/iPad – and have had near perfect coverage and experiences.

Google Fi Expands and Is Better Than Ever for the International Traveler

Link: Google Project Fi (if you sign-up and have your account for 30 days, we each will get $20 credit)

But, even though Google Fi had covered 135 countries with pretty decent speed, there were some countries that some travelers would visit and not have their data coverage. Thankfully, Google Fi has now expanded and it now covers 170 countries!

Over 170 Countries Now Covered!

To see the complete list of countries now covered by Google Fi, check out this Google page. To make it even better, Google will now notify you via their Google Fi app (on Google Fi-equipped phones) if your upcoming international travel will be in a country covered by Google Fi. They do this by searching your Google mail to look for travel itineraries and it will help you know in advance if you can hit the ground running with data.

Also, don’t forget that Google has recently capped the amount you will pay for data! You can check out this post for all the details on that.

Finally, Google does have a sale going on right now if you want to buy a Google Fi-equipped phone. If you are new to Google Fi and order a phone, you will get $80 in Google Fi credit. I have the Google Pixel 2 (which I wrote about when it came out and will be doing a review on for the traveler soon) and it is a fantastic phone!

Not Just for Google Fi Phones!

Don’t forget – you do not need to use a Google Fi phone to have international data on the cheap! Find out how you can get it on your iPhone or other Android phone here!

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