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Get Handcrafted Leather Wallets At a Great Price – Perfect for Travel

Written by Charlie

If you are in the market for handcrafted leather wallets – perfect for travel, work, or play – check out these great leather wallets! Plus, there are deals!

I know, Christmas was just two days ago! But, many people might not have gotten exactly what they were looking for or maybe you have some money you got to get something you really like. Well, one of those things for me is wallets. I seem to go through wallets fairly quickly, even high-quality ones. Over the last few years, those wallets have been passport wallets because I need to carry my passport at all times (something that becomes commonplace when you have to do it all the time anyway!). My brother-in-law makes handcrafted leather goods and recently made me a quality passport wallet that performs fantastically!

Handcrafted Leather Wallets – With Stacking Promos!

leather wallets

Link: Gruffwood Studios

I told him I wanted to do a post in case others wanted fine wallets as well but I had to wait until after Christmas because he was swamped. Well, it is after Christmas now and you can take advantage of a couple of deals to get these with an even better deal! Here are the deals, first.

leather wallets

My custom leather passport wallet!

leather wallets

Some of the leather wallets he creates

Triple Stacking for Discounts

Etsy (he has a shop on Etsy) is having a promotion that if you spend $50 by midnight tonight, you will get a $10 bonus amount later to spend in the next month. Plus, if you are an American Express cardholder, there has been an Amex Offer floating around on there for a while – spend $40 and get $8 back! It expires 12/31. Finally, if you go through a shopping portal, you can get 2 miles or 2% back on your purchases!

Getting the Deal

Now, let’s put this together. These leather wallets are available at a really decent price, especially given the quality. His wallets range from $18 – $52. I have been a fan of Killspencer products for a few years (loved their Special Ops backpack!) and they also sell leather wallets – but from $109 for a cardholder to $220 for their passport wallet! So, these are quite a bit better of value from Gruffwood Studios!

So, what does it all come out to? If you bought the $52 wallet and stacked it with the above deals, you would end up paying $44 after the Amex Offer plus you would get a $10 credit to spend on Etsy later and another 2% back from a cashback portal. Pretty nice!

These are very fine products (and I am not just saying that because he is family!). I use my leather passport wallet everyday and it has worn beautifully and is perfect for what it does. I have used many passport wallets but this is the best one I have had yet. I am pretty sure that you would be happy with any of the products he sells as well. His wallets are perfect for that minimalist feel to help you slim down on your travels.

Finally, he does do custom work. If you want a nice passport wallet like I got, make sure you ask for Charlie’s passport wallet in the custom order box and you should be all set! 🙂

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    • I guess it would not work if you are used to having a change pocket. I never had one with my wallets so didn’t even think about it!

  • For some people, fashion is the last thing to consider when it comes to finding a cheap wallet for men. They’re probably right to a certain extent, but we can’t deny that we humans are naturally inclined to seek the approval of others, and the way we want others to perceive us has something to do with the things we use, from our clothes too, yes, our wallets. At least, even if you’re not being fashionable, choose a wallet that fits your personality or what you do.

  • Thanks for the recommendation Charlie.

    I loved the look of the wallet, though it’s not that spacious. However, I like handcrafted products, will see if I can still get this on Etsy 🙂