Over 40 Amex Offers Ending Soon & Caution About Amex Offers

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Written by Charlie

Here are over 40 Amex Offers ending soon – and that translates to over $1,500 in money back from Amex for these spending offers! See what they are here!

We are approaching the end of the year and the end of the busiest shopping season of the year. Those two parts combined also spell the expiration of many Amex Offers. If you want to save money with your Amex card on these offers, it is time to move now! Also, a word of caution about Amex Offers that can help you with saving money.

Over 40 Amex Offers Ending Soon

Here is a list of the many Amex Offers ending this Saturday (12/31):

  • Newegg.com – Spend $200, get $25 back
  • Office Depot Office Max – Spend $100, get $20 back
  • Sears.com – Spend $50, get $10 back
  • Lowe’s – Spend $50, get $10 back
  • Dell – Spend $300, get $100 back
  • JCPenney – Spend $50, get $10 back
  • Alitalia – Spend $800, get $160 back
  • Hyatt – Spend $200, get $60 back
  • Etsy – Spend $40, get $8 back
  • Samsonite – Spend $200, get $40 back
  • Jo-Ann Fabrics – Spend $25, get $5 back
  • Reebok – Spend $75, get $15 back
  • Five Guys – Spend $20, get $5 back
  • Under Armour – Spend $100, get $20 back
  • Staples.com – Spend $100, get $20 back
  • Delta – Spend $300, get $60 back
  • HarryandDavid.com – Spend $75, get $20 back
  • PersonalCreations.com – Get 25% off your purchase
  • American Express Gift Cards – Spend $200, get $10 back
  • Cole Haan – Spend $200, get $50 back
  • Bespoke Post – Spend $45, get $15 back
  • Sunglass Hut – Spend $200, get $50 back
  • Teleflora.com – Save 30% on your order
  • Salvatore Ferragamo – Spend $1,000, get $200 back
  • Porsche-design.us – Spend $250, get $50 back
  • GNC.com – Spend $50, get $15 back
  • Simon Pierce Retail Store – Spend $300, get $60 back (expires 12/30)
  • Victorinox Swiss Army – Spend $200, get $40 back
  • Sandro Paris – Spend $250, get $50 back
  • Hamilton Jewelers – Spend $250, get $50 back
  • Restaurant Depot & Jetro – Spend $350, get $75 back (up to 3X)
  • Miraval Resort & Spa – Spend $500, get $100 back

Here are the bonus point offers on American Express Platinum cards:

  • Home Depot – 2X points
  • williams-sonoma.com – 2X points
  • Pottery Brands Online – 2X points
  • GAP family of brands – 2X points
  • NeimanMarcus.com – 2X points
  • Target.com – 2X points
  • Dunkin’ Donuts – Spend $10, get 500 points (up to 3x)
  • Papa John’s – Spend $10, get 500 points (up to 3x)

Some of the above offers are targeted but I had all of those on a single card as well! That is almost $1,500 in cash back for spending via these offers! But, you do have to spend too so watch out for that! 🙂

You may be able to buy gift cards for many of these offers but make sure that you check the terms to see if certain cards are excluded or from where they are actually purchased (some online gift cards are processed through a third-party and will not count with the offer).

Word of Caution

Now, one word of caution might be to not chase these great offers just for the sake of getting money back. You still need to spend and and none of these offers are giving you 100% of your money back so be careful about jumping in too much on things you would not spend anyway. It is easy to do this and get carried away!

But, no, that was not the word of caution! The word of caution is that the full amount on the offers must be charged by 12/31 or you will not get the offer! This means if you place an order with some retailers (Under Armour, for example) for $100 and only half of your order ships, you will not be getting the $20 back until they charge your card for the full amount. This happens when everything ships. Until then, they charge you only for what ships.

No Charge – No Credit

Now, you will get a notice that you have used your Amex Offer but that just means that the merchant has triggered your account for the amount. You will not actually see the credit on your account until the full amount has actually been charged.

I wrote a little while ago that Amex has changed most of their offers with updated language that says the amount must be spent on “one or more transactions” which is a change from the old way of a single transaction. I have been told by people at Amex that part of the reason for that change was because customers were getting frustrated that they would meet those terms but the retailer would only ship piecemeal – if something was backordered, for example.

So, it makes good sense to check the orders you have already placed and check your card to see if you have received the credit from American Express for the Amex Offer. If not, you will want to charge a little something on that card at the retailer to ensure you hit the minimum limit. Otherwise, you may find yourself without the credit you had planned on.

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