Get 500 Free Aegean Miles for Opening Their App + 1,000 Miles for Opening an Account

free aegean miles
Written by Charlie

Take a quick moment to earn an easy 500 Aegean miles. If you sign-up, you can also earn another 1,000 miles and then see why they are valuable!

I had a pleasant surprise last night when I opened my Aegean app to check on recent activity – a message greeted me that I had just received 500 bonus miles for using the app!

Get 500 Free Aegean Miles for Opening Their Mobile App

free aegean miles

Link: 500 Free Aegean Miles

It turns out that this is Aegean’s latest bonus offer and it is good for a couple of reasons. If you still have any miles left from the great days of simple Star Alliance Gold status (still pretty easy to retain if you ever fly to Greece), this could be worth your time.

Aegean is a transfer partner of SPG and they have a very nice award chart! They also happen to be my primary airline so I am quite familiar with them. 🙂 From awards like 45,000 miles for a one way between the US and Europe in business class (35,000 fewer miles than United requires for the same flight) to great fees for cancellations and changes, Aegean is a program to look at.

How to Get 500 Aegean Miles (or more)

All you need to do is to download the Aegean app and login. That’s it! It is that simple and you will automatically receive 500 bonus miles.

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1,000 Bonus Miles for Signing Up

If you are not currently a member, sign up here first and you will receive 1,000 bonus miles to start (something they have offered for a long time). After you get the 500 from the app, you will have a nice 1,500 Aegean miles sitting in your account and ready to accumulate!

Pool Miles with Others

It gets even better if you are an Aegean Silver or Gold member (or you know an Aegean Silver/Gold member). Aegean offers the pooling of points in what they call a Together account. You can have up to 6 accounts (including the account holder) in a single Together account and you can substitute members every 6 months.

If you are a Silver or Gold member, get some friends and family to help you out by opening Aegean accounts and then using the app. It will help you to pick up 7,500 Aegean miles – that is a good chunk! With their friendly awards, there are a lot of ways to use Aegean miles.


At the end of the day, 500 miles isn’t a lot. But there are a lot of ways Aegean miles can get you great value and this is a good start – especially if you can pool them.

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