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Finished! 6 Marathon Runs On 6 Continents In Less Than 5 Days

6 marathon
Written by Charlie

I will certainly have quite a few posts in the coming weeks with the details about the event, hotel reviews, city/run reviews, award bookings and more but I did want to put out a short post to update everyone (since I have been getting a lot of queries) that the event is over and I am home! It took me 4 days and 21 hours to run 6 marathon distances (26.2 miles) on 6 continents!

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Finished! 6 Marathon Runs On 6 Continents In Less Than 5 Days

6 marathon

This was our finish in DC, the final run. Glenn from Military Frequent Flyer ran this leg with me

Starting exactly one week ago from right now, I got on the first flight of many that took me all around the world and had me running 26.2 miles on each of 6 continents in that time. The entire week was pretty much a whirlwind as I never got “adjusted” to a time zone and literally raced from plane to “starting” line to plane in some destinations.

It will still take me a few days to unwind and organize the memories of the week but it was really something else. I knew there would be pain and discomfort going in but I forgot how tough it could get at times.

I headed last Sunday night from Thessaloniki to Cairo via Athens, then from Cairo to Abu Dhabi, then Abu Dhabi to Sydney, then Sydney to Santiago via Auckland, then Santiago to DC via Miami. After my final run in DC, I got to spend the night before heading up to NYC for an interview and going back to Newark for the return to Europe. Quite a trip!

Thanks to all of you who followed along with tracking, Twitter, and Instagram during the event. Thanks also to all of you who entered the Guess My Steps Giveaway for the FitBit. I will be announcing the winner tomorrow.

Finally, thanks to everyone along the way who made this journey a little more doable. Not the least of which was Hyatt hotels. Wait until you hear, but each Hyatt I was at went way above and beyond to accommodate me during my few hours on the ground. They were tremendous!

There is a lot of material and I will be working it in with the regular posts over the next few weeks. But, for now, I made it and am back home!

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