My Favorite Hotel Accessory

favorite hotel accessory
Written by Charlie

There are some things that are good to be able to have from hotel to hotel. Not all hotels are created equal which means having a constant in some areas can be good.

My Favorite Hotel Accessory

A device that has become a staple in my bag is my portable wireless router. This router enables me to plug into the hotel’s ethernet connection and still have my own wireless network.

favorite hotel accessory

The TP Link TL-MR3020

The router is the TP Link TL-MR3020. It is a very small device that will actually disappear in your bag and only takes 20 seconds to set up when you arrive at your hotel. It has the ability to accept a 3G/4G USB modem as well so that you can even setup a network with nothing but your wireless modem.

In addition to the simplicity it has, it also offers WPS for fast, push-button security. As well as the security factors, it is OpenWRT capable to allow for the setting up of a VPN. This is also a huge plus!

At a price of only $34.99 from Amazon, it definitely will not break the bank and is a guarantee to be your best friend at hotels! One of the reasons that I like the device is the ability to have good, strong WiFi in whatever hotel you visit. Even in 2014, it is still possible to stay in a hotel with only a wired hotel connection or really bad, spotty WiFi (I had four of those hotels already this year).

favorite hotel accessory

One more nice thing about this router is that you can actually power it from your computer via USB. It ships with a power adapter, but it has the ability to be powered with nothing but your laptop.

Here is the link to Amazon for the device (I do earn a commission if you purchase it using this link).

Do you have a favorite hotel accessory? Do you have a personal router you use that you prefer?

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  • Sorry I am new to this and this may sounds silly but I read in order to use this, I need “3G USB modem ” where can I buy this?

  • Sorry I’m new to this, I read that in order to get a wifi by using this device, I need “3g/4g usb modem”…where can I buy this usb modem?

    • You get WiFi through this device by simply plugging the ethernet cable into the router. You do not need a USB modem – that is just if you want to be able to use this a router on the road. If you are using it with a cabled internet connection, just plug the cable into the wifi router, no usb modem needed! If you need more help, shoot me an e-mail at charlie at