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That Was Fast: Chase Freedom Unlimited 3X Everywhere Gone

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Written by Charlie

One of the best spending offers for new cardmembers popped up a couple of weeks ago and is today gone. It was the Chase Freedom Unlimited 3X everywhere offer. Will it come back? Maybe it is a good thing it is gone…

Wow, call it one of the fastest credit card offers this year! The Chase Freedom Unlimited popped up an offer a couple of weeks ago that replaced the $150 sign-up bonus with a fabulous 3X earning on everything for a year.

No More Chase Freedom Unlimited 3X Everywhere

Link: (The old link for the Chase Freedom Unlimited 3X Everywhere)

chase freedom unlimited 3x

As of today, that deal is gone. I am not sure if this wasn’t ready for the public yet or if it had something to do with the rumors of the limiting of Ultimate Rewards pooling or something else.

If this did have anything to do with the Ultimate Rewards pooling rumor, it is a good thing. That is because it might have been too expensive for Chase to have offered 3X everywhere that would translate to 1.5 points per dollar when combined with the Chase Sapphire Reserve account. I would rather see the sign-up bonus of 3X everywhere disappear than the end of points pooling.

Or it may have nothing to do with any of that! At any rate, if it does come back and you had planned on getting it, jump on it. It is definitely a good deal. Moral of the story – don’t wait around on credit card offers that might look too good to be true! 🙂

Or, if you are under Chase 5/24, consider this nice big Chase Sapphire Preferred offer. If you put the $20K in spending on that card in a year, you will wind up with a total of 100,000 points (more if you do any spending in bonus categories). That equals a fantastic 5 Ultimate Reward points per dollar on exactly $20,000 in spending.

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  • I was excited when I jump on the offer and approved but then a few days later I seen the rumors about chase thinking about ending points transfers and that excitement quickly went away. As long as chase doesn’t go ahead with ending transfers I will be putting all my spend on the card. I’ve had the card not even 2 weeks and the earnings stack up so quick. The 3x are posted instantly as pending points. It’s really nice not to think about what card to use. Instead of having multiple cards in my wallet I now only carry 2(SPG as back up for now) perfect card to substitute the SPG for the next year. Just have to cross my finger that chase won’t end cash back to UR transfers

    • Did you receive any confirmation of the 3x in your welcome letter or packet? I applied for the 3x but all the paperwork in the envelope with the card says 1.5x. I didn’t know if maybe that was included just because it’s the default? It doesn’t bode well though…

      • No, no language of the 3x cashback on the packet. But all my charges been showing up at 3x UR points(pending) and also received the pending 2500ur bonus for authorized user.
        Don’t sweat it you will get 3x for every charge you make as long as you applied to the 3x application

  • Does anyone have a copy of the offer? I got the card but have noticed that I am not getting the 3X points. Planning on calling them but would like to ahve a copy of the offer before I do.

    • The 3x offer was only available for a few weeks this past April so if you recently got the card it is likely a 1.5x offer.