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Emirates Launching Weddings Onboard the A380 – Happy April 1st!

Written by Charlie

Emirates has launched a new flight service – weddings in the sky. An A380 at 40,000 feet for the aviation geeks, for sure. Or, early April Fool’s joke. 🙂

Here we are – April 1 in sight! Many companies skipped it last year due to the beginnings of the coronavirus but now with things looking brighter, get ready for some April Fool’s jokes from travel companies tomorrow.

Emirates Launching a Special Wedding Service on the A380 – April Fool’s!

Emirates is getting a jump on it with their Wedding at 40,000 feet advertisement. I mean, given what the airline industry has gone through in the last year, I certainly wouldn’t blame some for thinking this was a whole new revenue stream that Emirates is chasing! But, given the date that appears in the photo, it definitely appears to be Emirates jumping the gun on some April Fool’s fun. 🙂

But, if Emirates ever wanted to go that route, they certainly have the bling and the amenities to pull it off in an interesting way! For starters, their limousine service would be a great way for the happy couple to board/depart their special A380 wedding venue. Onboard, the feasting is pretty great for any Emirates’ first class passengers so this is good to go for aviation geeks that want that mile high wedding!

Then, you do have the huge shower/spa suite for getting changed and freshened up along with a ton of bling at the seats. Of course, if they hosted it on a 777 with the new first class, the first class suites would be even better than the A380!

But, nothing would beat the Etihad Residence cabin for two passengers. Plus, Etihad has nanny service onboard for any family that is “attending” in the air with little children.

This would not the first time a wedding in the air has happened in commercial aviation! A couple did it on Southwest just a couple of years ago and I am sure many others have done so as well. So, maybe it would be something that people would want to book? The real question – how many miles would it be? 🙂

Nice one, Emirates! Now, if it was real, would want to sign up for this? 🙂


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