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Earn Bonus Points from Chase for Creating a “My Chase Plan” [Targeted]

Written by Charlie

Check your e-mails to see if you have a similar offer of earning bonus points for setting up a new My Chase Plan! It could be an easy way to pick up some bonus points.

American Express has their Pay Over Time and, as of last year, Chase now has their “My Chase Plan.” These are payment plans that allow you to create a plan for a purchase you have made and pay a fixed “fee” for the use of such a plan. Now, Chase is sending offers to give you bonus points for starting such a plan – if you are targeted.

Chase Offering Bonus Points for a My Chase Plan

If you are like me, you may have initially thought “that’s not a good value” but you will actually have to run the numbers because it could be a cheap way to “buy” those bonus points!

I have heard that other Chase cards are getting similar offers as well but our offer came through on the Chase Southwest Plus card. Here is the offer:

  • Earn 2,000 additional Southwest Rapid Rewards points when you start a My Chase Plan by April 30.

These points will also count towards the Southwest Companion Pass, which is a nice extra perk. The My Chase Plans themselves are available for any purchases over $100 and up to the credit line you have on that card. You can choose a payment plan that pays it off in 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months with fixed monthly payments.

If you want to see what the fee will be, you can actually check right in the Chase app or on the Chase website for a particular card what the fee schedule will look like. I checked this Chase Southwest card and found that a $100 purchase for a 6 month plan would incur a $4.38 charge.

In exchange for paying that $4.38 in fees, I would earn a bonus of 2,000 Southwest points. Those would be worth at least $28 so I am coming out quite a bit ahead for going with a My Chase Plan.

While American Express offers points just for enrolling (and you do not have to use) their payment plan services on charge cards, Chase actually wants you to use it. Check for yourself if this is something that could be potentially valuable to you in terms of the points you would earn from setting up a plan.

Check Your E-Mail!

We received this targeted offer via e-mail. The subject line was “[name], get 2,000 Rapid Rewards points with My Chase Plan”. If you want to search your inbox/spam folders, you could just search for “My Chase Plan” is something would likely come up under that.

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