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Deal of the Day: Portable Storage Drives for Your Tech

Written by Charlie

If you want to get some new portable storage devices – or some at home – here are some great deals for you! These are great to throw in the carry-on as well!

It is truly amazing how fast prices have dropped while speeds and capacity have increased with storage devices. It has gotten to the point that you can now carry 2TB of storage in a drive the size of a credit card that has transfer speeds that are 6-8 times the speed that was in that same case 2 years ago. And, today, it is all on sale!

Travel Tech Deals on Portable Storage Devices

Link: Amazon Deal on Portable Storage Devices (this link and the ones below are affiliate links that support the site – thanks for the support!)

With storage prices what they are right now, it can actually be cheaper to get a smaller sized drive for your laptop and then pick up an external SSD (solid state drive = no moving parts) that could be even faster and have greater capacity. I have a couple of these SanDisk portable SSDs and absolutely love them! When I clicked on them today, I saw that I had ordered one of them in a slower capacity just last year – on sale – for the same price this one is now! And it is twice the speed!

To view the whole list, check out this link, but here are some of my favorite options:

There you go! If you are traveling (again) and taking photos/videos, having one of these fast and durable SSDs are a great way to back everything up along the way.

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