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Now Live! Earn Up To 75,000 Hyatt Points With This Promo

75,000 Hyatt points
Written by Charlie

The new Hyatt More Points, More Play promo is live! Earn up to 75,000 Hyatt points with this good deal. Check out the math here.

The fall Hyatt promotion is now open for registration – and you can earn up to 75,000 Hyatt points with this promo!

Earn 75,000 Hyatt Points With More Points. More Play. Promo

This is the same kind of promo that Hyatt ran earlier this year. This time, the new name is More Points. More Play.

New Hyatt Promotion Details:

  • Registration open now
  • Registration link here (must register and it is free)
  • Valid for stays between September 1 – November 30
  • Eligible rates valid for promotion (that includes Points+Cash rates)
  • M Life stays count for the promotion as well

Here is the breakdown on the points that can be earned:

Hyatt promo


To hit the full 75,000 Hyatt points, you will need to stay in Hyatt hotels for 25 out of 91 nights – or 1 night in a Hyatt every 3.5 nights. For the leisure traveler, that is not practical. But for the business traveler, it is something that is definitely within reach.

But, we do not need to just look at the big 75,000 Hyatt point level. Each level can give you a boost on your Hyatt Gold Passport total. Here is an example of how it can work out using one of the Hyatt hotel categories I frequent the most.


I have a bunch of Hyatt stays during this period. In fact, I will get the rest of my nights to re-qualify for Diamond status during this period. This will help me to hit a few of these threshold bonuses. Here is an example.

One of the properties I have many nights at during this period is a Category 2. The cash price is around $190 while the Points + Cash rate is 4,000 points and $55 per night. Let’s assume I would spend 10 nights at this property (or similar) during the promotion period and I do it using the Points+Cash rate. Let’s also assume that it would mirror most of my stays which are single night stays.

I would spend 40,000 points and $550 to spend 10 nights at a hotel. As a Diamond member, I would receive 1,000 points as my Diamond amenity per stay (total of 10,000 points for these 10 stays). On top of that, I would earn 3,575 points on the spending as well (thanks to my Diamond bonus).

Now, 10 nights would earn me a total of 15,000 points as part of this promo. Adding it all up, I would earn 28,575 points for these 10 hotel stays. That means I would have a net spend of 11,425 points and $550 for 10 nights at a very nice hotel. That works out to an average of 1,142 points and $55 per night for a hotel that goes for over $150 on many of the nights I have stayed there.

Combine With Another Hyatt Promo

But, wait, there’s more! 🙂 Yes, this is during the same period of another Hyatt promo for Hyatt card holders. If you had registered, you will receive 10% of your points back that you use. This means I will receive an additional 4,000 points back in the example above giving me a total net spend of 7,425 points and $550 for 10 nights at a very nice hotel. That is an average of 742 points and $55 per night – to save me from paying over $190 per night on the nights I have booked! Not bad!

I am not suggesting that people should mattress run this using the above example but instead showing how using hotel stays during this promo can really provide a great rebate on your stays when it comes to points.


I have a few Hyatt stays during this period so I will certainly hit one of the levels. That will give me some incentive to try for some more during that time as well to take advantage of the other thresholds and allow me to get closer to my Diamond requalification.

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