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Great News! Delta Air Lines Extending Elite Status Into 2022 and More!

Written by Charlie

In a wonderful move for customers, Delta Air Lines has extended elite status all the way until 2022! Not only that, but they have also extended other aspects of their program.

The hotels have started making moves to extend elite status due to coronavirus and now Delta Air Lines takes the lead in this move by being the first US airline to extend elite status. Now, any one who has elite status in 2020 will find their elite status extended until 2022! Here are the details.

Delta Air Lines Extending Elite Status Into 2022

Link: Delta Air Lines Extending Elite Status

Basically, Delta is acting like 2020 is never happening (boy, wouldn’t it be nice if we did have that option, or at least a reset button!). If you had earned elite status last year for 2020, your elite status will now be extended a full year to not expire until January 31, 2022. This is regardless of if you even fly a single mile in 2020!

Here is the information from Delta regarding these elite status extensions. This is from Delta’s CEO, Ed Bastian.

  • Extensions for SkyMiles Members: I appreciate how much you value your Status and benefits, which is why we’re making adjustments so you can continue to enjoy them whenever you’re ready to travel again. You will see these updates automatically reflected in MyProfile/MyWallet before they go into effect.
  • Medallion Status: Your current Medallion Status will automatically be extended through 2021 whether or not you requalify. In addition, all of your 2020 Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) will be rolled over in 2021. If you are enrolled in Status promotions, you will also receive additional flexibility to complete those requirements.
  • Program travel benefits: Eligible Delta SkyMiles American Express Card Members will get more time to enjoy benefits, including Companion Certificates and the $100 Delta flight credits. SkyMiles Members with Upgrade Certificates or $200 Travel Vouchers will also have additional time to enjoy those benefits.
  • Delta Sky Club® access: If you are a Delta Sky Club Member, you’ll receive an additional six months of club membership free of charge.

So, your status is extended a year as well as things like your Delta Sky Club membership and vouchers getting an extra 6 months from when they would currently expire.

Travel Now Extended Until 2022

In another move, Delta is letting you rebook any travel you have for April and May all the way until 2022. There are some other moves they are making in this department as well. Here it is from them.

We heard your feedback that you want the value of your tickets to be secure and redeemable for a longer period, so we have extended the ability to plan, re-book and travel for up to two years. We’ve waived change fees for your trips through May 31, 2022 if you have travel booked in April or May as of April 3, 2020, or canceled travel/eCredits from flights in March, April or May 2020. You can also change new tickets purchased between March 1 and May 31, 2020, without a change fee for up to a year from the date of purchase.

It is important to note that change fees are being waived but you will need to pay any difference in fare. Also, this is a strong attempt by Delta to not have you request your money back for canceled flights. Remember this – per the DOT, you are entitled to getting your money back if Delta cancels the flight. If you cancel your trip, you will have more time to book without paying any change fee. For those flights you want to cancel, this is a generous move by Delta.

Bottom Line

This is a great step by Delta and they definitely raised the bar in getting it out first. One other great thing about this is something net mentioned. It is that Delta is willing to make big, bold moves for their customers. This means that you should not worry about what trip plans or travel you book with Delta since they will likely move the bar again for dates if the pandemic persists.

Delta making a move like this, especially so early in the year, is a strong reason to show them some loyalty when the air travel picks up again. Sure, there will be other things from time to time that we may not like as travelers, but Delta made a great move yesterday.

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  • This is good news for those of us that travel to Greece and Italy through Delta. I had a 16 day Delta One trip planned to Greece (JFK-ATH) for May and Delta easily rebooked me in the latter part of August. It will be interesting to see if Delta keeps both flights per day to and from Athens during their seasonal period