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The Best – Most Difficult – Deal of the Getaways: Hyatt Points On Sale!

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Written by Charlie

The best deal on Hyatt points will be available today, courtesy of the Daily Getaways. The deals are so good that they would let you stay in the most expensive Hyatt hotels in the world for around $300. Not bad for $1,000+ hotels!


Today is the last day of the Daily Getaways and they are certainly going out with a bang. The prize for a few lucky buyers? Hyatt points for as low as 1 cent each. That is an excellent deal for Hyatt points for sure and it translates to being able to stay in a top-tier hotel (like the Park Hyatt Sydney, NY, Tokyo, Paris, and others) for around $330. Not bad for properties that can go as high as $1,000 per night! But, these packages go extremely fast so you will have to act very quickly.

The Best Deal on Hyatt Points Is On Today!

deal on Hyatt points

Link: Daily Getaways on Hyatt Points – Live at 1PM ET

Everything about this deal on Hyatt points is the exact same as last year, right down to the number of packages available. I have never been able to snag a package yet but maybe I will this year. After all, there are 120 of the lowest packages available and I actually did grab 1 of the 45 Hertz packages yesterday when they all sold out in less than 10 seconds! πŸ™‚ Maybe things are going better for me this year!

Here are the packages on sale:

As you can see, the availability goes down as the packages go up. If I were you, I would target the lowest package as that is the one that fewer people will likely go for. Since people want to get as big of a deal on Hyatt points as they can, sometimes the smallest amounts may not be the first to go.

Many times in the pursuit of travel that we make, it is not about β€œfree” travel but rather discounted travel. Would I prefer to get 40,000 points for free with a credit card bonus? Absolutely! But, I am not able to get any more cards from Chase right now thanks to my 5/24 and being able to pay as little as $415 for what could be 8 nights in a Category 1 to something like 5 nights in a Category 2 is not that bad – especially when many of the Category 2 properties I stay at go for at least $150 per night. This deal would make that be $83 per night – not that bad!

So, be at your computer just before 1pm and get ready to hammer the refresh key! Good luck! Let us know in the comments if you snag one of these great deals on Hyatt points!

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  • I got the Marriott $500 gift card two years running. But this year no such luck. More difficult this year to score these deals.

  • Hyatt points are overrated, I definitely wouldn’t pay for them. Just go on Trivago or some other discount hotel site and book a four or five star hotel for way cheaper than these points will end up costing you. Plus Hyatt has such a limited footprint, you are basically locking yourself into a handful of locations if you decide to buy these.