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Deal Alert: GoPro HERO7 Black for $349 – Great Camera for Travel and Action!

Written by Charlie

The GoPro HERO7 Black is the best GoPro yet and is the steadiest one also! This is a great camera for travel, vlogging, action, and more! Check out this sale!

GoPro has been synonymous with capturing action on the go for some time. They have had some stumbles (ahem, Karma falling out of the sky) but they continue to up their game on their action cameras each and every year and they always seem to add some new feature that moves it ahead of any competition.

Deal Alert: GoPro HERO7 Black on Sale

Link: GoPro HERO7 Black (affiliate link – all GoPro retailers have this on sale, however, so you can buy from your favorite!) hint: if you select to purchase from Clever Training through the Amazon link, you will likely have no sales tax (outside of FL) and still have Prime shipping!

Edit: Thanks to Jon for the comment reminding me about this – if you can trade in an older cam (even something like an old Hero Session – as long as it had an original price of $100) you can get this for $299! Check it out here.

The Steadiest Action Camera Around!

This past year, the GoPro HERO7 Black (the top model) came out at the $399 price with the promise that you would never need a gimbal (for stabilizing) again. This was accomplished by means of electronic stabilization instead of the mechanical stabilization that gimbals offer.

There have been other cameras that have used electronic stabilization in the past but none as well as the GoPro HERO7 Black. According to many reviewers, it is almost like magic how GoPro achieved it.

Also, the GoPro HERO7 Black improved on the audio as well to the point that GoPro CEO Nick Woodman said it is an excellent vlogging camera. It also has more social sharing aspects to it than previous versions and still retains its great waterproofing without needing to put it in a case.

The GoPro HERO7 Black is a Great Travel Cam

With all that said, a GoPro is really a wonderful travel camera because they are easy to use, no lenses to mess with. Plus, it will stand up to whatever you throw at it. If you want the best quality from them, the GoPro HERO7 Black is the one for you. Up until this point, however, you had to pay full price (with some retailers sometimes throwing in a gift card or something). Now, for a limited-time, you can get it for $50 off for a nice $349.

I am not surprised to see it at that price point given the fact that the competitor to GoPro on the drone side (DJI) released their own gimbal-mounted pocket camera last year also at the price of, wait for it, $349. I have been testing that camera out for things like running and such but you do have to be more careful with it than you would with a GoPro.

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    • Thanks, Jon! I will add it. I didn’t realize it was good with the sale prices (I have sponsorship promo codes with GoPro that do not work on sale prices, only original retail).
      Unfortunately, my favorite site for tech, Greentoe, is not showing the HERO7 Black model anymore. Last sale, I got mine for $300 through them.

  • Even if you don’t have a camera to trade in, Adorama currently has a bundle for $349.99 that includes a 32GB MicroSD card and a Selfie Stick.