The New DJI Osmo Pocket – the Perfect Camera for Travel and Running?

Written by Charlie

If you want to capture all of your travels with a small camera that will give you a lot of features and smooth video, the DJI Pocket Osmo could be the best camera for you! It should also be really great for runners wanting to capture their epic races as well!

Last week, DJI, the king of the drone industry, launched their newest product. It is called the DJI Osmo Pocket and basically combines two fantastic products of theirs – the DJI Osmo (a gimbal for smartphones or with its own camera) and their camera tech from drones like the Mavic Air. Together, they form a pretty amazing piece of tech – the DJI Osmo Pocket.

The New DJI Osmo Pocket – the Perfect Camera for Travel and Running?

Link: DJI Osmo Pocket – $349 (shipping in mid-December)

I have been intrigued watching reviews of the new GoPro HERO7 Black. GoPro had been pushing it as a gimbal killer with its digital stabilizing effects. As a runner that often runs near some pretty cool things, I always want to have a camera I can carry that can capture some of those things – on the run.

Unfortunately for GoPro, DJI seems intent on pushing them out of the way. After the GoPro Karma drone made its bumpy entrance, DJI had rolled out its awesome DJI Mavic Pro a couple of years ago and shortly thereafter, the GoPro Karma was dead.

This year, shortly after GoPro released their “gimbal killer”, DJI has announced their latest device with a gimbal. While not an action camera, the DJI Osmo Pocket has some amazing tech going for it.

Great, Compact Camera with Huge Features

You can check out the spec sheets and the host of reviews on YouTube, but this little camera is going to be huge! Not only does it include some of the great features from DJI’s drones (active track to constantly track a selected subject, face track to always keep you in the shot, time lapse options, and more) but it also has a 4K 60P (super smooth shooting) camera that is the same sensor size as the GoPro.

If you want more control, you can even plug it right into our smartphone and instantly upgrade your smartphone camera as well as get access to some pretty cool controls and options.

Great for Runners and Travelers

For runners, this could be a great way to bring followers along for a race or a cool adventure run. For travelers, this is an awesome way to keep a great little camera (that is definitely better than your smartphone) with you all the time and be able to get some cool video shots and photos in places you may not otherwise be able to bring a camera.

I will be testing it out, hopefully during my next marathon. They are set to ship in mid-December and the cost is $349. This is $50 less than the GoPro HERO7 Black but you will need other accessories to make the DJI waterproof. If you want a great camera that is ready for all your adventures and doesn’t mind getting banged up and wet, the GoPro HERO7 Black is for you. For everyone else, it looks like the DJI Osmo Pocket could be the next great piece of tech gear for your travels – or just everyday life.

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