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Daily Getaway Leftovers – What’s Worth It?

Written by Charlie

The Daily Getaways are over – but they are not all gone. Check out the Daily Getaway leftovers and see what might be worth it for you to pick up. There are some things that are nice to just have in case you need it so take a look!

When it comes to leftovers, I guess it is safe to assume that they are leftover for a reason! This is mostly the case with Daily Getaways and their leftovers but it still may be worth taking a gander at them now that it is all over.

Daily Getaway Leftovers

When you take a look at the Daily Getaway leftovers from last year, you will find that many of those same items are part of the Daily Getaway leftovers this year. However, that doesn’t mean they are necessarily bad deals.

Things like IHG points, I think, are definitely worth less this year than last year and I am definitely not surprised to still see them leftover. But, there are some other deals that could work out very well, especially if you have trips planned now that you didn’t have when these went live.

What’s Worth It?

While everyone will have a different value of what is a good deal, I think the Wyndham points are nice to have for that time you need a hotel in an expensive city and you don’t want to use other points. I think the SeaWorld ticket is a great deal. Our family went for the first time this year and paid $50 per ticket but as a one-day only deal on Black Friday.

If you are a park person, I think the Seaworld/Busch Gardens 2-Park ticket is a pretty nice deal as well. I cannot believe how expensive parks are but if you wanted to head to Universal Orlando (I was there about 17 years ago for free – can’t speak to how it is now), you would basically be paying $94 per person, per day for the 3 day package. However, if you don’t mind doing only one park a day, there are better deals directly from Universal Studios.

And there you have it! I would totally skip the Avis President’s Club membership. I used to have it, courtesy of my Continental Presidential Plus card, for years and it was nice but definitely not worth $750! As there were only 20 and they are still for sale, I think there are a lot of smart shoppers out there. Two years in a row, Avis/Daily Getaways – time to change it!

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