Crazy Videos of An Airplane Aborting a Landing Due to High Winds

Written by Charlie

A couple of videos showing an aircraft aborting a landing after almost scraping a wing due to high winds. One of the videos is from inside the plane to give the passengers’ perspective.

I am sure most of us have seen the videos of those hair-raising landings where the aircraft is getting hammered by high winds and/or crosswinds. Every time I see one of those, I can feel my stomach sinking and bouncing around – and I am not even onboard! But, I often think “at least they are on the ground!”

Crazy Videos of Airplane Aborting a Landing Due to High Winds

But, with this particular aircraft (as well as a few others), it wasn’t quite over for the passengers. It is shown bouncing around a little bit in the air with winds up to 50 mph before touching down and almost scraping a wing. At that point, it aborted the landing.

We have had quite a bit of high winds in Europe the past few days and I have seen quite a few airplanes doing little bounces in the air on the way in. This was the only video I found that showed something like this as a result.

After aborting, it returned to Frankfurt. I wonder how the passengers felt about having to take the flight again?

There is another video from a passenger on the aircraft showing what it looked like from inside.

This all happened on Sunday at the Salzburg airport with a Polish Enter Air flight from Frankfurt.

Fortunately, everyone was safe upon finally landing. While I have had some very bumpy landings, it was never anything quite like this! I, for one, am very thankful for the skill of pilots. I cannot even imagine having such pressure for landings in the various conditions they sometimes face due to crosswinds and high winds.

Featured image taken from the first YouTube video.

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