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Citi Playing Hide N Seek With The Premier 50K Offer

Premier 50K offer
Written by Charlie

The popular Citi Premier 50K offer seems to be pulling a game of Hide N Seek with its offer. Find out how you can find it.

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the reappearance of the Citi Premier 50K offer but with a change – an increase in the spending required to get the bonus ($3,500 in 3 months, up from $3,000).

Citi Playing Hide N Seek With The Premier 50K Offer

Premier 50K offer

There it is – right on the home page today!

When I write about an offer that I find someplace, I always do a fair amount of checking to ensure that it is going to be accessible by all of you. That normally involves checking the link(s) in a regular browser, a private browser (to clear cookies), on my phone, and often from another computer (if I am at home). This way I can know it is not some offer targeted just for me.

This is what I did with the Citi Premier 50K offer and every time, I was receiving the offer. Also, the offer was located right on Citi’s home page so how could it not work out? However, after many of you had already clicked through, a reader commented that it was not coming up as 50,000 points – only 40,000 points. I was out and checked from my phone and, sure enough, it was coming up as 40,000 points. I edited the post to reflect this and kept trying to see if it was going to come back. Unfortunately, it looked like Citi had pulled it. I could only surmise that it was a mistake and they did not mean to offer it yet but were notified when they began to get quite a few clicks on the application.

Premier 50K offer

Now you see it!

Premier 50K Offer

…now you don’t!

So, I got home later and checked again and then checked again today. Guess what? 3 out of 5 times, I was getting the offer. I am not sure what is going on here with it but it seems like Citi is playing a little game with this offer. When it does come up, it stays at 50,000 points right through to the application so if you get that and apply for it, you will get the offer (just take a couple of screenshots to back it up). Now, American Express is known to do this (with the Premier Rewards Gold, this has been happening for quite a while) but this is the first time I have seen this happen with Citi.

How To Find It

Here are some suggestions to find this offer:

  • Start from the Citi home page. This is where I initially found it and where I have been starting to look for it. It should come up as one of the 3 rotating offers.
  • If it does not come up there, try logging into your Citi account and then logging out. I did this several times as well and had this work as well.
  • Try opening this link in a private browser session (like Google Incognito) to see if the offer is there
  • Wait a few days!

This is obviously a different offer than Citi has run before and was running even the other day as it requires $500 more in spending. This is not just a mistake in a bonus number – it is a different bonus offer altogether. It could be that Citi is still trialling it or maybe they did not mean for it to be public yet. If that is the case, we should see it come back more permanently in the next few days.


When it comes to credit card offers, they come and go pretty often. The Citi Premier 50K offer is one that is a very good one and I know that there had been a lot of noise about it going away. If you want it, take hope that it is here – someplace! Try the above tips to see if you can get it to come up, take screenshots, and go ahead and apply! Hopefully, they make it a more consistent offer soon.

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  • Thanks for posting this! I was able to finally get in on the 50K offer. I have bootcamp running on my MAC and this morning when I first saw this post, I was getting some work done on the Windows side and immediately got the 50K offer (using the link you provided). Later in the day, I was on the MAC side and I only got the 40K offer. I tried all suggestions…using incognito on both Safari and Firefox. Then just now, I switched back to the Windows side and again immediately got the 50K offer on first try (using Chrome).