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Check Your Mail – Amex Has Been Sending Checks (Targeted?)

In a somewhat reversed direction, American Express has actually been sending some consumers money, instead of the other way around! This is definitely not all customers but many people have been getting checks in different amounts with similar language – that they are sorry they were unable to give the account holder points on [various card] when the account was open so here is a check to cover that amount.

This is similar to something they did a couple of years ago. They had apparently been going back through the system to send out checks on accounts that had not received the full bonuses, even when the bonuses were not explicit on the application (see this post). I am not sure how they are evaluation who gets checks and who does not and for what purpose, which is why I put targeted? in the headline. I do know one thing – if you did not get a check, do not call and complain about not getting one! It is clear they are trying to make sure that point books, so good for them.

Obviously, American Express is doing their best to maintain compliance with regards to following promises made in bonuses and applications and I applaud them for doing so, especially when they were actually in the right (according to their terms) to not give me this last bonus (I had applied for the card just shy of the 12 month date they used to work with to allow for repeat bonuses). My check was for a particular hotel co-branded credit card and other people have received similar checks for various card products from American Express. It seems they are going by the same valuation they used a couple of years ago 2 cents per point. Now, if only they would send me a check for the 100,000 points they never gave me with my Amex Platinum card… 😉

This is intended as a public service announcement instead of a “look what I got” because I know many people receive statements by e-mail or only online and disregard printed material from the banks. Check your mail and don’t throw this out!

Have you received such a check?

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  • I received a check yesterday related to my starwood business account that i opened in 2010 and closed in 2011. I know i received the sign on bonus because I track all of that. So i’m unsure why they sent me the check, but i’ll take it. My wife received $40 last month on a amex sync offer that she signed up for. Amex said they made a mistake and had taken it down sooner than the expiration, so they credited the offer amount. Kudos on Amex for taking the initiative on these things.