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Extra Free Money For Uber

Uber is the car service that connects people with Uber drivers through their app. You order a car to your location and handle the charges and gratuity through your saved credit card on the app – no worry about using money! While I have not used it as much as I want (no Uber here!), I have really enjoyed it when I do use it.

It is so simple – pull up the Uber app and you can order a car to your location. When a driver answers the call, you will see the photo of the driver and what kind of car they are driving. You will also have their cell phone number if you need to call them. You set where you need to go and just get in and go!

$30 For Use on Uber

One of the great things about Uber is their referral program. They give the referrer $30 credit and the person that signs up also gets $30 in credit. It is a great opportunity to get your first ride with them either for free or very cheap. If you have not yet signed up with Uber, you could use my referral link – here – and we will both get $30 in credit. If you are already signed up, feel free to leave a comment with your referral link as well!

An Extra $10 For Uber

Thanks to American Express and their new sync offer partner, Uber, you can add the offer to your Amex card and get a $10 rebate on a purchase of $10 or more. This offer will last until December 31, 2014. An easy, free $10 more on Uber!


Uber and American Express offer $10 back on a $10 purchase

If you want to add the offer to separate cards, simply login to your American Express account and then choose to duplicate the tab (if using Google Chrome) as many times as you have cards. Once they are all open, select a different Amex card in each tab and select to save the offer to the card. Now, you just need to add the cards to your Uber account as you use the other cards. For some of you, you may be able to purchase gift cards as outlined by Frequent Miler here. If you visit the page, you could sign up for his Uber link while you are there. He did some good work on this.

Putting It Together

If you add your American Express card to your new Uber account, you will have $30 to user on your next Uber ride and, if it goes over that, it will charge it to your Amex card. One thing – it needs to be a purchase of at least $10 that hits the card in order to get the $10 rebate. So, if your whole ride is short the $40, consider putting the tip on enough to hit the $40 mark. Or, just save that $10 credit for a future ride. You will only get the rebate if you spend $10, so spending $4 will not mess it up at all.


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