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Extreme Points Value at Super Bowl Hotels

Written by Charlie

If you are headed to Houston for the Super Bowl, here is how you can get some cheap Super Bowl hotels – even when they cost over $1,000 per night!

With Super Bowl LI just around the corner, most of the people attending likely already have their hotel rooms booked – and at premium prices. The words “cheap Super Bowl hotels” are not ones you would normally see together! But, good things can truly come to those who wait when it comes to getting extreme points value on hotels near big events! Check out some of the deals that are available that will take your hotel point values to the max, if you plan on being in Houston.

Cheap Super Bowl Hotels – With Points

I know that not everyone that is traveling to the Super Bowl is actually going into the stadium. Football events, more than baseball, have an abundance of events outside of the stadium and there are those that might have been on the fence about going but the prohibitive cost/availability of hotels may have scared those thoughts away!

Never fear – cheap Super Bowl hotels are here, when you use points. I checked several major hotel brands in the Houston vicinity and, like every year, point options are opening up even while rates stay pretty high. If you want to get some huge value out of your hotel points, now is that time!

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I am including screenshots of some of the hotels I found with point availability in the Houston area for Sunday, February 5. There are other options with each of these brands as well but I am highlighting the best of what is available. These are changing daily (several changes already this week) so you could always book one now and wait to see what opens up tomorrow. Just be aware of cancellation policies!

All of these prices/availability info was available at the time of this writing.


Hyatt currently has 3 hotels available in the Houston area. Here is one of those hotels – Hyatt Place, Houston Airport. It is not the nearest (about 23 miles away) but it is available for only 5,000 points for the night – while rates over $500 (with tax). That is 10 cents per point – on a Category 1!

cheap super bowl hotels

cheap super bowl hotels


Hilton has many hotels available in the Houston area for bookings with cash or you can use points. The rates are not as high on the cash side as some other hotels but still a great chance to get over 1 cent per point with Hilton, which isn’t that bad at all!

cheap super bowl hotels

Hilton hotels for the Super Bowl


IHG had a rate just a few days ago that I highlighted as being the most expensive Holiday Inn I have ever seen – $2,000 for the night! Well, now they have opened up point opportunities as well so you can get some huge value with your IHG points! In fact, if you mix cash with your points, you could get over 9 cents per point in value! This IHG hotel, the Holiday Inn Downtown Houston, is only 8 miles away from the Super Bowl stadium. This hotel is currently over $1,000 for the night (with taxes) and you can pay for the whole thing with 20,000 IHG points or you can pay $70 and only use 10,000 points!

cheap Super Bowl Hotels

Incredible value for your IHG points at the Super Bowl!


Marriott also has several options available in Houston for the night of the Super Bowl. They come in at some pretty good point values as well! Here is one of those options – a Residence Inn. For only 15,000 Marriott points for the night (or 5,000 SPG points if you transfer them), you can get a room that is going for over $500 for the night!

cheap super bowl hotels

A great value for your Marriott points for the Super Bowl


While not as great a redemption value with the properties available, Wyndham does present some decent options. Remember, all of their hotels cost 15,000 points per night but they also offer cash and points. For 3,000 points and some cash (like $35 or $45), you can get a hotel room that is going for over $200 per night.

cheap super bowl hotels

Takeaway – Cheap Super Bowl Hotels

This is just another instance where having points can give you some great travel options without having to pay the cash prices. Several of these options are available for 3,000 – 15,000 points for the night and these hotels are costing from $200 to $1,000 per night! That is certainly not bad!

If you need cheap Super Bowl hotels, you are definitely not going to get them by paying only cash. But, if you take the time to collect (or even buy!) hotel points, you can know that you will get great value for them around Super Bowl time.

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