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Lie-Flat Transcontinental Deal: JetBlue Mint from $362 [Lowest Price is on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas]

Written by Charlie

If you want the cheapest JetBlue Mint flights across the US, you can find them on or right before upcoming holidays! That’s 6 hours of business class for under $400!

If you ever wanted to try out JetBlue Mint, here is a chance to do it for 5-6 hours for less than $400! The catch? To get it that cheap, you are going to need to be traveling right before or right on a big holiday coming up!

Fly JetBlue Mint From $362 – Lie-Flat Business Across the US!

It is a pretty widely known tidbit that the cheapest dates for travel during the Thanksgiving/Christmas travel season is going to be on the actual holiday. Since most people are not working on those days and many people want to be already with family, airplanes are really not that full on those dates!

Fly on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, or Christmas for Cheapest Flights

This means that, if you have the flexibility, you can score some pretty nice deals by flying on Thanksgiving or Christmas. In this case, that “nice deal” means flying in JetBlue Mint, arguably the nicest business class flight in the US. Oh, and Christmas Eve is still a pretty great day to travel as you will still get to where you need to go before Christmas!

The good news is that you can fly on pretty much any other day for $449 instead – yes, that is almost $100 higher but still the best price you are going to find for the quality of the seat to cross the US. Plus, you can use points like Ultimate Reward points to lessen that overall cash burden.

Hey – on some of those flights, flying Mint is just $113 more than economy – you get 2 bags for free and get to lie-flat instead of in a regular seat for over 6 hours (though JetBlue does have excellent economy seats!).

How to Book Cheap JetBlue Mint Tickets

The cheapest city pairs on those dates are Boston to Las Vegas (and back) or JFK to Seattle (and back). The others are more expensive. As a reminder, JetBlue flies Mint from the following US airports:

  • JFK
  • Boston
  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • Seattle
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco

To find and book, start with this Google Flights link and then play around with your dates – its that simple!

If you want to enjoy the longest JetBlue Mint experience at the best price, fly from JFK to Seattle – 6 hours and 22 minute flight for $378! That is a really great deal when you consider JFK to London is just a bit longer and you will not buy business class for that price!

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