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Chase Ink Plus 70,000 Point Bonus in Branch

Chase Ink Plus
Written by Charlie

This is a great deal! You may remember a few months ago the bump from 50,000 to 60,000 with the Chase Ink cards and maybe even some of you got in on that. Well, now there is an offer in Chase branches for 70,000 Ultimate Reward points!

Chase Ink Plus – 70,000 Points

Chase Ink Plus

To me, this is simply a no-brainer. This is a 40% increase over what the current bonus is and that difference alone is worth from $300 – $400! The biggest difference this time is that (for now), you must walk into a Chase branch to sign-up for it. That is really not that big of a deal because the Chase bankers actually get commissions for signing people up for cards so they have incentive to get you signed up. 🙂

The 70,000 Point Offer

At this time (it may change), the only way to get this deal is to walk into a branch or to have received a targeted mail offer. The offer itself is very similar to the existing one:

  • Spend $5,000 in 3 months to receive 70,000 Ultimate Reward points
  • Receive 5X bonus on telecommunications and office supply stores
  • Receive 2X bonus on gas stations and hotels
  • Receive 1 point on all other purchases
  • Annual fee of $95 not waived the first year
  • To locate a Chase branch near you, click here.
Chase Ink Plus

From cyin at Flyertalk

Besides the increase in point bonus, there is also the difference that the annual fee of $95 is not waived like it normally is. Again, this is not that big of a deal because you are basically buying the points for less than .5 cent each.

To read my review of the Chase Ink Bold (which the Plus is basically a copy of except you can carry a balance), click here.

What If You Already Got This Card?

I know there are many of you who have already applied for this card, most likely during its bump to the 60K mark. The good news is that Chase will give you the increase in a bonus offer if you request it within 90 days of your application. We are still within that window so go ahead and secure message them to ask to be bumped to the current offer. To read the step-by-step process for that, click here.

I wonder if the lines at Chase branches today will look like a mini-Black Friday event. 🙂

HT: Flyertalk via Doctor of Credit

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