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Buy $50 in Carrabba’s Gift Cards, Get $50 in Bonus Cards for Free + Amex Offer Stacking!

Written by Charlie

For a limited time, get some great deals on Carrabba’s gift cards that can be made even better with the Amex Offer! Spend as little as $30 for $100 in Carrabba’s money!


There is a limited time offer for buying Carrabba’s gift cards this weekend. If you frequent this restaurant chain (or would like to), it will be very easy to get a lot of value out of this offer, especially when combined with the Amex Offer!

Buy $50 in Carrabba’s Gift Cards, Get $50 Bonus Cards For Free

carrabba's offer

Link: Mother’s Day Carrabba’s Gift Card Sale

One thing to know first – the bonus cards are not gift cards. If you have not received these before, these are $10 cards that have varied expiration dates and they must be only used for dine-in. They carry restrictions on them unlike the regular gift cards. But, this is still some free money if you visit Carrabba’s enough or want to give some to friends!


  • Must buy in-restaurant (you can actually go before they are open for business to buy gift cards)
  • Each purchase of $50 in gift cards will result in receiving 5 $10 bonus cards for use at a future date
  • This offer is only good from May 12 – 14

Even Better with Amex Offers

Link: Amex Offer for Carrabba’s

To make this deal even better, check your Amex account. I am not sure if they are still available as I saved them to my cards but there were two different offers out on for Carrabba’s. One offer is for spend $25, get $10 back and the other was for spend $25, get 1,000 Membership Reward points. If you have this offer on multiple cards, you can split the purchase of your gift cards to really get some great value.

Here is an example:

  • Use 2 Amex cards with the offer saved
  • Use each to pay $25 of the $50 in gift cards
  • Amex will give you $20 back and Carrabba’s will give you 5 $10 bonus cards
  • Get $100 total in money to spend at Carrabba’s for only $30

Not bad at all! Of course, the total value will depend on how much use you can get out of the bonus cards. Either way, this could be a nice gift for Mother’s Day!

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  • Also note that these gift cards can be used at Outback and other Bloomin Brand restaurants (See FAQ from Carabba’s site below).

    Yes, see the back of your gift card for locations and terms

  • Anyone know the actual terms/restrictions on the 5x$10 bonus cards? Hard to know how attractive this is without understanding those T&Cs.

    • They cannot be used with any other discounts/coupons and the cards will have varied expiration dates. I believe it may be one per order as well but we have always had success using several at one table.

  • If you want to use multiple bonus cards at once, I would just put down multiple bonus cards with your bill,pay the difference in cash, and leave before your server collects the payment. Worst case scenario if you get stopped on the way out, you can claim you thought they were gift cards.