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TripIt Improves Their “Go Now” Feature To Help With Many More Trips

TripIt Go Now
Written by Charlie

TripIt Pro’s “Go Now” feature can be a big help in letting you know when you should leave for your flight and now they have improved it even more!


A couple of months ago, TripIt launched their new “Go Now” feature that is designed to help you know when you should leave for the airport to catch your flight. While that might seem unnecessary to some, if you are in a different city, it can be quite helpful to have that reminder to leave since it is based on your location, current flight status and local traffic patterns.

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TripIt Improves Go Now By Adding New Details

There were a couple of aspects of this new feature that many travelers felt were missing and now TripIt has improved Go Now to incorporate those features to help you more.

  • You can now adjust the alert based on your travel preferences giving you the option to arrive at the airport with as much or as little, time before your flight
  • The Go Now feature has been expanded to cover domestic and international flights

Since the majority of my flights are international, I am definitely excited about the addition of international flights to the Go Now feature. Also, for those who are airport veterans, being able to tailor Go Now to fit your particular travel habits is going to be a good fit as well. After all, some people like to get to the airport in plenty of time to hit the lounge first (especially if there is a Centurion lounge in the airport!) while others like to arrive and go right to their flight (count me in with that group – most of the time!).

What Is Go Now?

In case you aren’t award about what Go Now is, here is the information about this feature (which is only available to TripIt Pro users – which requires a subscription).

So how does it work? As a TripIt Pro user, you’ll see the new Go Now Feature on your flight details screen in the mobile app. Twenty-four hours before any U.S. domestic flight, you can check Go Now to see a suggested time to leave for the airport based on your location, current flight status and local traffic patterns. Two hours before you need to leave, a countdown timer will begin, showing you how long you have until it’s time to head to the airport. Once you’re on your way, TripIt Pro’s Go Now feature will show your estimated arrival time.”

Check out this earlier post to see what I love about TripIt Pro and why I have been a customer for many years!

To find out more, visit the TripIt blog here.

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If you travel with Southwest often, this can be a big help as well with the Flight Refund feature. It will notify you if a trip you had purchased drops in price. With Southwest, you can rebook at no charge so this is a nice, easy way to find out if your flight is available for less!

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