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Breaking: Emirates A380 From Dubai to JFK Quarantined at JFK After 100 Reportedly Fall Ill

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Just a short while ago, Emirates flight 203 from Dubai to New York landed at JFK and was quarantined as 100 people were feeling sick. No report yet on the cause.

This is a developing story…

Emirates Plane Quarantined At JFK After Many Become Sick

Emirates flight 203 from Dubai to JFK, landed at JFK at 9:00AM this morning. Reports are that 100 of the passengers feel ill and, so far, 3 have been taken to a hospital.

The flight was met by local law enforcement and Center for Disease Control staff as they quarantined the flight off in a section of JFK airport. They were going to begin screening passengers there.

There are no reports yet as to what the cause of the sick feeling is among the passengers or if it was concentrated in a particular area of the plane. According to reports from people onboard, CDC officials are onboard and the people should shortly be deplaned and temperatures taken.

According to a statement from Emirates, they put the number at 10 (though many report it at 100 or more):

According to Seatguru, this particular Emirates A380 can carry up to 489 passengers. It is now known as to how many passengers it did have on this flight today.

Hopefully, everyone feeling ill is ok and that no one else becomes sick as a result of whatever it is.

Update: Here is a photo on Twitter of people deplaning and being examined

Source: NBC NY

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