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Deal Alert: Save 10% on All Etihad Flights and All Classes, Worldwide

Etihad First Apartment
Written by Charlie

Here is a 10% off promo code good for any Etihad flight in any class of travel – worldwide! Plan your trip right and you could save quite a bit of money on the premium cabins and even get some savings in economy.

If you ever wanted to try out Etihad for yourself (or maybe you already have and you cannot wait to do it again), this new promo code should be of interest to you! There are some nice deals to be had with this 10% off so check it out and see where you want to go!

Deal Alert: Save 10% On All Etihad Flights and All Classes

Link: Etihad Promo (visit from a mobile device)

This promo is a good one and can be used by anyone to fly Etihad worldwide and it will take 10% off the fare price. The only catch? You need to book it using the mobile website (on your device or on your computer).

Here are the details of this promo:

  • Start Date: 5 September 2018
  • End Date: Midnight, 12 September 2018
  • Class: All Classes
  • Departure Airports: Global
  • Destinations: Etihad Network Worldwide
  • Promo Code: AMXD0830

As you can see, Etihad is really not holding anything back here with this code. You can use it to save on any flight worldwide and you have one week to book those tickets!

etihad sale

The regular price with Etihad for Cairo to JFK in business class

There are several places where you can get some cheap(er) Etihad business and first class flights to the US – like out of Cairo and out of Colombo (Sri Lanka). Definitely give those a look or just fire up Google Flights and start playing around with destinations to see the cheapest prices.

etihad deal

The same trip as above but with the discount code. The price exchanges to $1,405 USD.

Once you find a good deal, use your mobile device to plug in that travel information and then apply the promo code AMXD0830. You will see a 10% discount on the fare price in the breakdown (the taxes and fees are added after). In the example above, you can save $126 with this promo code.

Have fun! I have flown in Etihad’s business class, first class (Residence), and economy cabins and found the experiences to be better on every level than any US carrier and many international carriers. So, you should be happy in any cabin you end up flying.


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