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Check Out a YouTube Channel About Credit Cards And Rewards (Not Mine!)

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Written by Charlie

Are you the type of person that likes consuming content via a video instead of a blog post? Check out this YouTube channel about credit cards and rewards that does a great job of laying out the benefits and pitfalls of various card products and travel rewards.

For the last couple of years, each Wednesday at this precise time, you would have seen a post from Dustin of Waller’s Wallet. He had posted some great stuff (which you can still read here) and always enjoyed engaging with readers that chimed in on his posts.

Check Out a YouTube Channel About Credit Cards and Rewards

Link: Waller’s Wallet

As you may have read last week, it was his last, regularly scheduled post here. I am actually really happy about that for this reason – he has some great changes going on in his life and he needed to focus more on those. Of course, I have really enjoyed having him contribute here and we have become friends (and he may pop in with a post from time to time). But, I am thrilled that his YouTube channel is growing so nicely and that his family is as well.

Great Advice With an Honest Perspective

In the credit card space, it is sometimes hard to find a voice that speaks about credit cards and rewards without having some kind of financial relationship with those cards. I am all for having a business and this website has had affiliate links for cards in the past but it can sometimes be hard to decide if a particular card is right for you when reading some sites.

Hey, it takes time to write and run a website and I think the people that provide information for free through this content should be able to monetize it. But it is also refreshing to be able to get a take on some things when you know that particular site has no financial benefit to gain from you applying through the link on their site. Doctor of Credit is a fantastic example of such a blog and they put out some quality content as well. On the affiliate side, Frequent Miler is one other blog that has done a pretty good job of maintaining credit card affiliate links without pushing them at you.

If you want a video version of this, I have to suggest you check out Dustin’s YouTube channel and that you subscribe. He comes out with new videos every week and does some live videos as well. He speaks about cards pros and cons with an unbiased perspective that you can trust.

He has grown this channel to over 700 subscribers in just a few months. Once he gets over 1,000 subscribers, he will be able to turn on monetization for his channel. He did not start that for that reason but getting a few pennies for ads on a video would be a nice boost to keep producing quality content. So, maybe consider heading over there and giving it a watch and a sub!

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