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Blog Giveaway
Written by Charlie

Friday will mark the second anniversary of Running with Miles. I have had a great time writing posts and doing A LOT of research and searching to try and help my fellow runner travel. As we enter year three, I am going to start putting more of an effort into helping my fellow traveler run.

It was September of 2006 when I began to run for the first time (other than running one day in a month like I had tried before). I have had asthma since I was seven (one of my triggers is asthma) and had always had a problem running any distance at all. I would begin wheezing and had problems getting my breathing under control. However, the year before (August of 2005), a family friend ran 35 miles for his 50th birthday. When I was talking to him that night, I just couldn’t believe that I had knew someone who had run 35 miles. That was amazing!

Blog Giveaway

That night, I made a commitment to one day run a marathon. I didn’t know how I would do that with my asthma but I knew I wanted to try. I let that goal slip a bit and really did not get on track until the following year. That was when I picked up this book, The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer. This book was exactly what I needed to give me the push and specifics for my first marathon! I picked my marathon (it was actually 16 weeks, not 18, from when I started) and began the training. This book was fantastic! Because of it, I was able to run my first marathon!

Since 2007, I have run over 35 marathons or ultramarathons (distances over a marathon) – I have to put them all down someday because I can’t remember how many it was! I ran 7 marathons in my first year of running (not recommended!) and really got hooked! Since that time, I have had the privilege of helping many people with running and form training plans to help them run distances from the 5K to the marathon and beyond. I have also been certified as a Level 1 USATF coach so that I can help people more intelligently as well continuing my own learning.

That is all to say that I will begin writing more posts and pages for 2014 to help people start running! It is incredibly helpful to mind and body and I would like to see more people take it up! To help with that, I am having a special giveaway through Monday, December 23 at 11:59PM (EST). I will be giving one winner (as chosen by the same book that helped me take on the marathon – The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer.

Here are the rules:

  • This Giveaway will run through Monday, December 23 at 11:59PM (EST)
  • Readers can enter once per day
  • Comments can be anything (as long as they do not contain vulgar or indecent language – keep it clean)
  • Winner will be drawn randomly and announced on Tuesday, December 24th
  • The final decision will be mine alone.
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Charlie has been an avid traveler and runner for many years. He has run in marathons around the world for less than it would cost to travel to the next town - all as a result of collecting and using miles and points. Over the years, he has flown hundreds of thousands of miles and collected millions of miles and points.
Now he uses this experience and knowledge to help others through Running with Miles.


  • I run to help control my diabetes. Would like to run further. Always hoped I could run a marathon one day.

  • That’s an awesome story. I just ran my first one this past fall and there is a lot to learn. I cannot imagine running seven in a year, let alone your first year. I really like your niche that you write for, runners who travel to do what they love, run. Keep it up, we’ll keep reading.

  • I just began reading your blog. Great stuff. I’ve run a Half Marathon, but I’m sure about a Full one. It would be great to win this contest!

  • I am running my first Mary in 2014 (NYC go big or go home). I think running is an excellent way to stay in shape and I really need to get there. I would love to win this giveaway as I have absolutely no idea how to prep for the big show 11 months from now. Thanks! And wow what an inspiration that you too were a beginner long ago!

  • I have run 2 half marathons and would love to actually do a full marathon, although I am currently rehabbing two herniated discs

  • Great blog! I ran Chicago and NYC for the first time this year and hope more people will get to run these races. I am looking for inspiration where to run for 2014 so I read your blog! Good health to everyone in 2014!

  • Look at my email address lol
    I don’t like running I’m slow as a turtle and it’s pathetic but I had to train for a month to get my 5k time to be 30mins I want to sign up for a 10k eventually

  • The Eagles just destroyed the Bears last night! Also, my wife runs like Phoebe on Friends, so this would be a great surprise for her.

  • I just stumbled on your blog and have to say I love it! I’ve done 13-15 marathons in my life all US based, but am eager for my first destination marathon. I’ve been to Sydney a few times and really enjoy walking across the bridge. The Marathon there in Sep\Oct is a great course, so maybe that will be the one for me. Keep up the great job!