Best Price Ever: The Fantastic Kindle Voyage is On Sale – and Other Kindles, Too [Amazon Refurb]

Written by Charlie

This is the best price on the Kindle Voyage – probably the best Kindle for value, features, and price! For less than $100, you can get the Kindle Voyage which offers lighting that changes based on your surrounding lighting, a premium feel and great speed and resolution.

I have been a loyal Kindle fan for years – ever since their second generation Kindle. Since that time, I have rolled each Kindle into the next generation (sometimes skipping a generation). I do this thanks to getting good resell prices and then normally grabbing the next Kindle during a sale or as a refurb model.

The Kindles are, to me, one of the best travel tools. You can load a ton of books on them (including travel guide books), the batteries last for weeks, and they are so light you can toss them anywhere. They work great for flights, train rides, and whenever you want to just read or check the guidebook.

Best Price on the Kindle Voyage

Link: Kindle Voyage eReader – $95

Without a doubt, the best Kindle reader by price, value, and features would be this Kindle Voyage. I am actually currently using a Kindle Oasis (bought at a huge discount after selling my Kindle Voyage to try it out) but I am 99% I am going to go back to the Voyage. Sure, the Oasis gives you an extra 1″ of display and is waterproof, but I find the handling of the Voyage to be much better.

This is the lowest price ever on the Kindle Voyage

If you were to compare the Voyage to the Paperwhite, there is really no comparison. The Voyage has adaptive lighting (so it changes based on the ambient lighting around you), special page press buttons on the side that give haptic feedback to your thumb when you turn the page (while still retaining the ability to turn the page by pressing on the screen – similar to the Paperwhite), and an arguably better design and build compared to the Paperwhite (the screen is flush with the bezel instead of being recessed like on the Paperwhite).

For under $100, you can grab a Kindle Voyage that is Amazon refurbished. I have owned many refurb Kindles and they have been awesome. Look at it more of a way to get a stellar deal on an almost new device since they still have an Amazon warranty and Amazon handles these themselves.

Of course, if you wanted to check out some other Kindle devices, those are on sale for the refurb editions as well. However, unless you want one right now, I would say to hold off until next month. We will likely see the new ones for even cheaper than these refurbished devices.

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