Bad News For CowBoom Deal Hunters (Electronics, Computers, Tablets, Etc)

Written by Charlie

CowBoom, a Best Buy brand, was one of the best places to get incredible deals on a variety of electronics. Sadly, they are now gone.

I have written several times about the website Cowboom – a part of the Best Buy brand that deals in pre-owned and refurbished items from Best Buy. Some of my greatest tech deals have come from here, thanks to the lower prices and the 10-20% discount codes that come out every once in a while.

No More CowBoom


Goodbye, CowBoom. It was fun (and cheap).

Even though it is owned by Best Buy, the deals they have on Cowboom’s side are often better than can be found on Best Buy’s own website for outlet items. When combined with the discount codes, they are much better deals on CowBoom than at Best Buy. Well, those great deals from CowBoom have come to an end. They just sent out an e-mail saying that they have moved over to the Best Buy Outlet. The e-mail makes it sound like great news but it really isn’t.

Here is the note from them:

Howdy CowBoomers!

As of Feb 26, CowBoom is mooooovin’ on over to the Best Buy Outlet. Now all the amazing deals you know and love have been consolidated into one great destination.

Thank you for your many years of support and happy saving!

To access your CowBoom Account click here.


The CowBoom Team

First of all, Best Buy never releases 20% discount codes (you can get mover’s coupons for 10% off but that is as high as it goes). That means no more of the fantastic deals from the past. Also, Best Buy Outlet prices are not the same as CowBoom. To another point, CowBoom has often had better portal payouts than Best Buy as well.


The open-box price here is for the same item that CowBoom has been selling for $200 less.


This was the price for the same watch on CowBoom – imagine that with the 20% coupon that would have come eventually!

I guess the only good thing about this move is that you can now use Best Buy gift cards for these items. If you get them online from places like eBay (from PayPal Digital Gifts) during eBay Bonus Buck deals and portal increases, you could get as much as 18% in savings on those cards (when you use a Chase Ink card to pay). That can certainly help!

Did you get some great deals at CowBoom? 

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