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AWESOME Deal on Garmin Epix 2 GPS Watch – Lowest Price Ever!

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Written by Charlie

The premium Garmin epix 2 is now on sale for its lowest price ever – 50% off from its original release price!

I had written a post about the sale on Garmin watches but Amazon has gone even further and dropped the bottom out of the price on the premium Garmin Epix 2 watch.

Best Price Ever on Garmin Epix 2

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The Garmin epix 2 has been out for almost 2 years and it was the first time Garmin took one of their premium watches and put an AMOLED display in it. I had it from day one until I moved to the epix Pro and can tell you that the Garmin epix 2 is really a great watch!

It has premium build with materials like sapphire crystal for a more scratch resistant face and a titanium bezel (DLC coated – diamond-like carbon coating). The whole time I had the watch, I had scraped it on a concrete wall more times than I count and there were never any marks or scratches on the watch at all so they did a great job with the build.

It offers a 1.3″ display which was perfect for observing up to 6 data screens on my run (if you really want to see that much data when you run!). The battery life was very good with up to 16 days of gesture use (meaning that the display shuts off and turns on when it senses your wrist gesturing up). If you with to always-on display (where it will stay on all the time but will dim a bit when you are not looking at it), you will get up to 5 days.

With GPS use, you can get up to 42 hours of battery life. My Garmin epix Pro has similar battery life and I got through my 100 miler in 26 hours with only using 48% of battery life – and this was with regular GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring (you won’t get anywhere near that with even the Apple Watch Ultra!).

This watch came out at $999 but is now on sale for $499! There is a cheaper version that doesn’t have the titanium or as much storage for maps/music and always doesn’t have the multi-band GPS – but you can get that for $50 less. Personally, I think it is not worth it – go for the titanium version.

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